View Full Version : Anyone seen the new Winchester 1885?

D Roberson
January 7, 2000, 04:35 PM
A local store (Charlotte, NC) has the new Winchester 1885 single-shot in .22 LR, marked at $695. I see on the Winchester web site that retail price is $775. Any reports on other prices? Has anyone purchased one of these rifles? I'd be interested in a first-hand report.

Judge Blackhawk
January 7, 2000, 09:21 PM
I ordered one sight unseen and got it for 600.00 brand new including tax.

The gun is AWESOME. Fit and finish is superb.

The gun is heavy as hell. But darn nice. Worth every penny.

It is accurate as my ruger target stainless M77/22 and even more so, but I have to get use to it.

They are not easy to find, from what I am told.

The people as Wincherster are very nice and helpful about this gun.

The stock is not shiny finished like the brownings and I personally prefer this dull finish.

I am looking for a nice tang sight for the rifle, because I think this will add to the accuracy and the looks of the rifle.

If you can find one, get one. I lucked out and ordered it before it even hit the market.

Have a friend trying to find one and is having some difficulty.

God Bless

With warmest regards,
Judge Blackhawk

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