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September 23, 2002, 06:31 PM
Have an older Benelli w/ cyl bore that I want to use for a hog hunt. have Brenneke slugs and some older non sabot BRI slugs. Does anyone know of another slug that WORKS on hogs? I will be on the ground and want as much rapid fire as I can have.

September 23, 2002, 07:59 PM
How well you can hit with a slug from YOUR gun is a lot more important than the type of slug.

Suggest gettin a bunch of different ones and see what works for you.


September 23, 2002, 08:08 PM
No ineffective 12 ga slug, as some around here say. :)

Accuracy is the variable.


Dave McC
September 24, 2002, 04:34 AM
Gee, Stinger, who coulda said that?....

There's no ineffective 12 gauge slugs, at least on stuff smaller and less tough than APCs and Mastodon. For hogs, with their body armor, muscles and attitude, I'd go with one of the heavier ones for better penetration, something like that Rottweil Brenekke 1 1/4 oz job. However, this is secondary to accuracy.


September 24, 2002, 03:27 PM
As noted in many earlier threads, the variability mentioned above includes big difference in Point of Impact for shot versus slugs. Also big difference in your SG among different brands of slugs. Which is why everyone says you gotta try it out, pick a brand, and stick with it.

September 24, 2002, 05:29 PM
Mr. McC,

That could quite possibly have come from our resident shotgun guru himself. I can't quite remember his name ;)


September 24, 2002, 08:31 PM
next time (if there is one) I'll add more info to start For almost 20 yrs I have had this shotgun and the main slug has been the Brenneke, when sabots came out (BRI) I tried them but accuracy was no better then the Brenneke AND I was never happy with Foster style. The Benelli & Brennekes have never let me down but this time I am hunting feral hogs ON THE GROUND probably less than 30 yards. I had heard that Hornady had a solid copper hollowpoint slug, have seen a remington sabot that was all copper and just wanted to know if the "new technology" was any better than what I have !!
I'm sure all of your "IDs" have some background...anyone think mine might mean something ?? All you can say is "Be accurate " ? Sheesh .. excuse me for asking. Now I know why this place is called the firing line .. your in the LINE of FIRE !

September 24, 2002, 08:40 PM

I guess there must have been an AD. I sure didn't hear a shot, though. You asked for our opinions and we just told you what we thought.

All we have said is that 12ga slugs are plenty effective if shot placement is adequate.

Sorry if we hurt your feelings. :(


September 24, 2002, 08:47 PM
A belated welcome to TFL.
I don't think anybody was takin pot shots at you.

I will stick with my original post in that I firmly believe that any slug will do the job on pigs. And any slug will fail on pigs with a misplaced shot.

Therefore I feel that accuracy in YOUR gun should be the deciding factor.


September 24, 2002, 09:32 PM
Just in case you didn't know, only use sabot slugs in rifled barrels. Rifled slugs are for smooth barrels.

I think for hogs you would want a heavy slug that is also quite hard so it will penetrate piggy armor. I don't know which slug has the hardest lead, so that might make for a fun experiment for "scientists" here on TFL.

I'd grab some Federal Classic, Remington slugs and the brands you mentioned and shoot at 25 and 50 yards to see which one shoots to point of aim and groups reasonably well.

If you are going after really big pigs, I used to use a 3-inch mag 1.25 ounce Federal rifled slug. This was before I switched to a Hastings rifled barrel and used copper sabots. The 1.25 ouncers are complete overkill for deer, but would be fun on huge hogs. Be warned, those really kick if you can still get them.

Welcome again

September 24, 2002, 10:06 PM
Brenneke slugs, Just plain get the job done.

And that is all I have to say about that.

September 24, 2002, 10:50 PM
Looks like we have a new but thin-skinned member.

Having been on TFL for only a few months I can assure you that every reply was in the spirit of cooperation and honest opinion giving.

If you want different answers, ask the question right in the first place... there are lots of newbie and semi-newbie questions posted on this forum so don't make us decode your ID in order to calibrate your level of sophistication.

Dave McC
September 25, 2002, 04:57 AM
Rem, please lighten up a bit. I certainly wasn't out to offend, and I doubt the other folks here were either. One of the great things about this BB is a lack of trolls,jerks and knowitalls.

Having been on some other BBs, I can understand your sensitivity. These others were places where rudeness was called directness or frankness, chestthumping was admired and imitated, and often folks were gauged not by their character nor knowledge, but by their toys. Social dynamics resembled that of a kindergarden sandbox.

Here, it's different. Hope you stick around and both learn and contribute to this wonderful resource....

September 25, 2002, 08:38 AM
Rifled slugs are for smooth barrels.

That statement is not 100% correct. You can use rifled slugs in full rifling barrels. This should give better performance and better accuracy.

You have to use sabot in rifled barrels , since the sabot carrier has no rifling.

Rem, I have a Benelli also , (M1 20" smooth bore).For me I pick up all of the various rifled slugs available ( remington, federal, winchester, Fiocchi,Brenneke , etc...) I found the best combination have been the Brenneke M&P and the Federal classic foster slugs. Best advice I can give is to withdraw a few $$bills and buy everything you can get and try them out. The Remington solid copper, Federal Barnes eXpander,Winchster and lighfield Sabot are more accurate out to greater distance and cost more. If you are shooting around 50yrds or less any of the regular el cheapo slugs are adequate with good shot placement.

September 25, 2002, 09:25 PM
Broke down & bought a rifled choke tube for one of my 870 12s & tried the Rem sabot copper & Winchester's Super Duper Supreme XX. Neither patterned nearly as good as PMC's Brenneke 1 oz slug. They did seem to stabilize past 50 yards.

At the much higher cost, & being less acurrate than the Brennekes - nothing to decide for me. but I had to find out. YMMV

I'll stick with the Brennekes. Might even try 'em out on elk this year.

RemVssf, welcome to TFL.

C'mon back. Doesn't look like anybody was being snotty. B'lieve me, if you were being "yalked down to," or flamed, there would have been no doubt. ;)

September 26, 2002, 04:24 PM
Out of the 1st 5 posts there was ONE mention of a slug and that one is the heavier load of the I have used for almost 20 years. All other posts just mentioned accuracy. I KNOW the Brenneke stops deer and coyotes...goes clean through . I asked if anyone knew what works, as in, DEAD RIGHT THERE ? Guess no one uses a shotgun for hogs.
Thats all... out here.

Dave McC
September 26, 2002, 05:50 PM
Have it your way, Rem. Maybe what we're trying to say is they all will work, just pick the one that shoots tightest in your shotgun.

BTW, I don't hunt hogs....

September 26, 2002, 09:16 PM
All we have said is that 12ga slugs are plenty effective if shot placement is adequate.

No ineffective 12 ga slug, as some around here say.

These are quotes from me, in this thread (I might have borrowed the knowledge from those wiser than me). I think they are both pretty self-explanatory, but let me break it down for you. As a matter of fact, every post in this thread, with the exception of yours, is quite factual and helpful.

All 12 ga slugs 2 3/4 or greater that I am aware of and have ever shot would be plenty for hogs. I don't see how I can make it any clearer for you.

I hope you hang around. I'm sure you have plenty of knowledge to share to the rest of us. But we don't know you from a hole in the wall. We don't know anything about your skills. Just because we didn't say that Brand-X 3" Double Magnum 4oz slugs are the only way to go doesn't mean we are being rude or unhelpful.


Al Thompson
September 27, 2002, 07:32 AM
Slugs and hogs - I have several friends who have taken hogs with slugs, but there's no clear answer. The big two here are Remington and Federal. With Kent making the KO and a local store (Dicks) carrying the Brenneke slugs, this may change.

My experiance on deer is that the Brenneke slugs give better penetration and would be my first choice for hogs. Mine have been killed with a .308. If no Brennekkes or KOs, then any of the others, less the tactical stuff.

September 28, 2002, 07:45 PM
I have used slugs, primarily the Brenneke ones on hogs over the past many years. where I hunt, in heavy cover and swamps in North Florida, they seem to work well.

A shotgun for hogs is never my first choice, and I have never set out after a hot armed with a shotgun. I always carry a few slugs in my pocket just in case.

I always prefer a rifle for hog, and always take a rifle when heading out to hunt hogs.