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September 21, 2002, 09:08 AM
Like to find out a little info about a H&R 'topbreak' revolver that I rescued from a junk pile.

3 1/4" barrel
5 shot cylinder
38 H&R caliber (?)
blueing (if it ever was) is gone
plastic grips (replacement)
serial #9815**
trigger is shot so can't tell if single or double action
barely can make out "...patent Oct. '97" on top of barrel frame

maybe something from the mid-1920s ?
I don't plan on ever firing it.

Any help or advice about the production run, or the year it was
made would be appreciated.

have tape, and got another one to 'tinker' with...

James K
September 21, 2002, 11:40 PM
It is probably .38 S&W caliber; it and .32 S&W were the most common calibers in those guns. I am certain it was originally double action, as the only H&R single actions were earlier than that.

AFAIK, there are no production records for those little H&R revolvers, so the date could be anywhere from the patent date up to WWII.

Sorry, there is little or no collector or shooter interest in those H&R's unless they are in about 100% condition, which that one certainly isn't, given your description. The gun was probably on the junk pile because it is, well, junk, with a value of nil. It might be made to fire, but I would not recommend doing so; firing it could be dangerous on both ends.


September 22, 2002, 07:09 AM
Thanks Jim

I don't plan on either throwing it back on the junk pile,
or 'restoring' the revolver to a shootable condition.

Besides, I've got some carpeting that's loose in one of the
back rooms - the butt looks strong enough to use as a
'tack driver'. ;)

have tape, like them do-it-yourself projects...

Cap n ball
September 24, 2002, 02:29 PM
Take it to a gun buy back and then trade it with someone waiting in line or turn it in and enjoy your happy meal..

September 24, 2002, 05:41 PM
Actually the local "buy-backs" resulted in $50 - $100 gift certificates to a nearby Kroger. :rolleyes:

have tape, never got a 'toy' inside my Happy Meal....