View Full Version : What the heck is it?

September 20, 2002, 07:12 PM
I bought a S/S 12ga from my old boss who moved to australia. I've been looking on the net all day but can't figure out what it is or what it's worth, here's a description.

it's a side by side 12 ga breechloader, it's got hammers like on a caplock. there's scrollwork all over it and the finish looks like it's hot browned instead of blued, the wood has lots of crosshatching. the only identifying marks are right by the left hammer it says "prospero donadio" it also says the same thing in gold inlay on the top of each barrel, on the left barrel it says "full-choke" in gold inlay and between the barrels it says "cockerill smokeless" also in gold inlay.