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September 19, 2002, 11:39 AM
I was rooting through my video take collection last night looking for something to watch when I can across this. Its from a class Ayoob and Taylor gave in 93 and this was the Q&A session afterwards. Its 2 hrs long and kinda intresting to hear the men in question speak their minds on variouis subjects. Example when asked about instict/point shooting Ayoobs comments started with just one word: BULL****! Taylor agreed and both then elaborated their reasoning. Good entertainment and definately a learning experience.
My secone set of tapes I made myself. You see I purchaced a set of tapes from arron lipman(i think they were called the PPI series) on persoanbl protexction these included lectures by various gunwise folks and writters - including Ayoob. there were 12 ofd these tapes. I found Ayoobs lectures intrestion and found myself going back to them time and again so I made myself a pair of video tapes consisting of all of Massads lectures from these 12 tapes. there are 2 tapes 1 is a full 2 hrs the secons abourt 1 1/2 hrs. all Ayoob on just about everything.
real fun to watch.

September 19, 2002, 03:11 PM
Careful, careful. You're about to date yourself refering to those old tapes! Lipmann (I don't know about the spelling) was way ahead of the game when he began releasing his old "video magazine". There are truly some golden moments on those things. Lipmann also released a couple of self-published books that were kind of neat. As I recall, Lipmann ran afoul of the ATF and wound up going to prison. (I can't remember any of the details.)

I can still remember watching Ken Hackathorn's block on the MP-5 and Mas Ayoob's blocks on the new shotgun that was going to turn the industry on its ear (The origional, wood stocked Benelli M121).

In The Truth About Handguns, by Duane Thomas, he mentions that he was releasing a video magazine sort of thing, "The Gun Expert's Video Library". Anyone ever heard/seen anything about that one?


September 20, 2002, 01:37 PM
I have all 12. He came out with a 13th which I missed. I think thats the one with ayoob and the benelli. watched the first tape (of my 2 tape set of just ayoob lectures)again last night. The parts I really liked were the ones done at ayoobs classes. where he discusses safty, Ad's (this one is really funny - mass ayoob memorial bridge table inded) and range safty equipment. als his reloading revolvers segment is a true classic and informative too. Gotta start practicing that again if I'm gonna carry a revolver CCW. I kinda liked the fact that he left in all the flubs in makes the videos more fun to watch now. I just wish they hadnt silenced out all the famous ad's ayoob listed in his lecture. would have been kinda neat to know. :)