View Full Version : Finally! Another Match!

September 15, 2002, 03:00 PM
I have been away from IDPA too long. The new job has kept me on deadlines EVERY time there has been a match. But no more!

Saturday I got to shoot again.

I didn't really worry too much about the score mostly I like to have fun.


Didn't hit ANY no-shoots.
No procedurals.
No Jams.

And I got a LOT of praise for my gun handling and safety. Plus I got to see all kinds of shooters I haven't seen in months. Plus it was my dad's first match.

My accuracy could use some work, and some people think I shoot too much (Rob why did you engage that guy with 4 shots?...ummmm...cuz my first 3 were a bit low?) But I had a BLAST!

And :p to the guy who didn't think my "pesky" 9mm would knock down our pepper poppers. (ok they might fall down slower, but they still fall down)

My Gear: FEG Hipower clone (trigger job and hogue monogrip), FN, Ramline and FEG mags. Uncle mike's cordura mag pouch, Galco G-slide holster.

We didn't get to stay for the shotgun side match (which I always do well at) but rest assured... I'm BACK!