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September 15, 2002, 01:10 PM

I would like to buy a new semi-auto shotgun and would like opinions of the Benelli Super Black Eagle.

I have a Remington 11-87 Super Mag SPS in black synthetic and have had problems with it ejecting loads slower than 1250fps. The gun works fine about 80% of the time but when it fails, the gun fails to properly eject a hull thus forcing me to manually remove the hull from the breech followed by manually loading the next shell.

Since the SBE is quite expensive, I would like to make sure that if I feed slower, lighter shells through it, the SBE will not encounter the same problem.

I have also researched the Beretta 391 Extrema but have not seem it yet. Any opinons on it or other shotgun recommendations are welcome too :)


September 15, 2002, 08:48 PM
The guys that own them swear by them, but I don't like them. I have shot 3 different ones and would not own one. Recoil is like a pump or O/U, lock time is horribly long, and action feels clunky to me. I would much rather have a SuperX2, Browning Gold, or Beretta Xtrema, in that order. I would figure out the 11-87 before buying a SBE personally.

Try to shoot one before you drop a grand on one. Used racks around here have them all the time, for about $750 in 98% so resale will kill you if you don't like it.

September 15, 2002, 09:13 PM
a fellow duck hunter has been shooting skeet with his SBE to warm up for the waterfowl season and I can tell you that 1.1/8oz, 2.75dram fiocci shells cycled less than half the time. Not new- 2nd season for this SBE.
My superX2 has cycled everything flawlessly including a few boxes of 1oz dove loads.
I was out to buy the beretta Xtrema when I came across the SX2 for $300 less ($929 vs $630).
not only that, but I shoot the SX2 pretty well too! I haven't shot an Xtrema but I liked the way it swung in the store.

September 16, 2002, 12:27 PM
As one of those guys who loves his SBE, I can't find any fault in mine. As cycled everything from 2.75" light target loads to 3.5" full power turkey and goose loads. I use the gun for everything. I have not had the opportunity to shot a Xtrema yet but the other two I have and walked away happy with my decision. The X2/Gold were too heavy in taste for comfortable carry. The SBE is lighter than the other two and its recoil operated so it does kick harder no question about that. Confirmed that myself and with others. I don't care because it is a marginal difference to me in recoil (I'm very recoil-tolerant in all honesty). I have found out that unless it is shouldered it will stovepipe every time, which once again no big deal. Don't plan to shot alot of things from the hip. I bought my SBE off the used rack. From an engineering standpoint, to handle real light to very heavy shells I can see where recoil operated guns would work better than gas operated. However when I have seen the others fail it has been in a small percentage of shots.

If I was going to get additional 3.5" I would get 11-87, however you are having problems with one I might question myself on that now.

September 18, 2002, 10:20 PM

After doing some research and consulting everyone here and on the rest of the planet, I went tonight and bought a Beretta AL 391 Urika in black synthetic. It feels very comfortable and swings very easily for me. Oshman's had it for $729 NIB. That was the best price I've come up with. I'm going dove hunting this weekend and will let everyone know how I did and how the Beretta fared.

Thanks to all that responded to my post.


September 19, 2002, 02:59 PM
What are you going to do with your 11-87?

September 19, 2002, 05:59 PM
For now, I'm sending it to the gunsmith to have it cleaned and inspected to see if there is a reason for it not handling lighter loads. Once I get it back and shoot it, I will decide if I keep it or sell it.

September 22, 2002, 10:16 PM

I took my Beretta AL391 Urika to the trap range today. I must tell you that the gun is a pleasure to use! Very little felt recoil, well balanced and easy to swing. The down side was the erratic cycling of 7/8oz shells -- sometimes the cycling was flawless but most of the time the shells didn't eject. I did try 1oz shells and they cycled flawlessly. I am very happy with my new toy and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new semi-auto.


Dave McC
September 23, 2002, 04:26 AM
Glad you liked your new toy. I'll wager the usual flagon of mead that the prob with 7/8 oz loads will clear up with use. Break that thing in and see....

Buy ammo, use up, repeat....