View Full Version : Winchester 1400, full choke, slugs ok?

September 15, 2002, 08:11 AM
A friend is selling a very nice Winchester 1400 autoloader with a full choke barrel. Could I shoot slugs through the choke?

Is the 1400 a good gun for all around duty? What is a fair price?

Thanks for any help.

September 15, 2002, 09:43 AM
I doubt you can hit anything with slugs and a full choke, I have never seen it work anyway.

I would not give over $175 for a 1400 in 90%, or over $200 for a 1400 in 99% condition.

I have owned one in 20 ga, it was junk. I know a couple guys with the 12ga and they have had trouble too. The local hunter safety group uses them (got them nearly free) in 12 and 20, and have had a lot of trouble.

If I bought a 1400 it would be only to have on hand as a loaner gun, or as trade material and the price was really low.

As you guessed I am not a fan of the 1400 at all, none of my experience with them has been positive. For what a 1400 will cost you buy a 1300 combo with a slug barrel, the 1300 is a darn good gun. IMO the 1200 is junk too. If you want to pony up the cash the SuperX2 is a great shotgun, well worth the money!!

September 16, 2002, 11:20 PM
I'd be VERY reluctant to shoot slugs through a full choke - if I wanted to keep the full choke, that is... A friend did this for a couple of years and ended up with a cylinder-bore barrel after about 100 slugs! If you really want to shoot slugs, I'd suggest replacing the fixed full choke with screw-in chokes, which would allow you to fit an IC for slug use (or even a rifled choke, if you desire), and go to modified or full chokes for shot use.