View Full Version : Fulton Armory 9-11 sale

September 11, 2002, 02:07 PM
FYI, Fulton Armory is holding a special sale to commemorate 9-11. All firearms and uppers 20% off, all other parts 30% off. Discount will not be show at time of order, but it will be taken off. I ordered and ARMS #40 for $80 shipped (not reflected at time of order) this morning - checked my debit card statement online and I confirmed I did get the 30% off.


At first, I was a bit pissed, thinking that offering a sale based on this event was a bit tasteless, but after reading the blurb they put on their site about it, I changed my mind. Also, there is the potential to save alot of $$$ here - I doubt Fulton is making much money on the sales after the discount.