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September 8, 2002, 10:08 AM

I have been trying to get ahold of you now for 3 weeks. I sent you payment for a 16" upper complete with B,C,CH on 6-14-02. You say it did not arrive until 7-19-02. Five weeks after it was sent to you. You then say that you were away from home and your wife would send it within one week. Well, the next I hear from you is another 30 days..........on 8-18-02 saying that the upper "will be in the mail tomorrow" ..........that was THREE WEEKS AGO and I have not received my upper or a single response to several email attempts in the last three weeks.

To sum this up, you got my money THREE MONTHS AGO and I have not gotten anything but excuses. Please tell me and all those reading this, that the upper is going to be at my doorstep ASAP......

Thank you Sir,

I have never had this happen, and I tried to wait as long as possible, before going public with this post.

September 8, 2002, 09:37 PM
UPDATE...................Two hours after posting this , Scott emailed me, after three weeks of no return private emails......here's the email

Hey Jordan,
Calm down big guy. I have to apologize. The upper has not been sent. I am disabled and both of my wheelchairs have been in seattle. Where I moved from. I know thats not an excuse and I am very sorry about the wait on the upper but without my chairs I'm pretty much stuck in my house. I only have a chance to check my email once in a while as I'm sure you have noticed. I am in utah right now meeting my brother who brought my chairs down. So with that said I will be back in phoenix later tonight. My home phone number is 480-664-xxxx. The only people home right now are my roommates but as I said I'll be home later tonight. Your upper will be there I promise. Again sorry,

So, hopefully this will be resolved finally. I will post the final results. Thanks for all the emails of support and suggestions. I received over 60 today alone, wow..............

Keep ya'll posted.

aka captjordan

September 13, 2002, 04:39 AM
received this today from Scott

I must say I'm pretty disappointed that you made that bogus post on AR15.com. I can't believe you flat out lied about most of the facts surrounding this situation. I must say I expected more from you. Thats fine. That post is precisely the reason I stopped going there. But hey whatever, you want to be like that, fine. Your upper should be there tommorrow with the mag that I sent to TRY to make up for the shipping delay. Now I'm sorry I sent the mag or spent my money on fixing YOUR BC. Well whatever let me know when it gets there and hopefully we'll never hear from each other again.

It looks as though we may not remain friends, but I just wanted what I paid for..........at least within a couple of months.........

here are EXACT dates if anyone is interested:

6/2===== Original deal made for $300
6/4===== USPS Money Order sent via snail mail
6/14==== Scott advised it had not arrived, so I went to Post office to file a PS form 1510 (I still have this, if anyone doubts my credibility), I then scanned and emailed this to Scott along with the receipt for the money order, to show him that I was not yanking his chain, and that funds were sent. The PO wouldn't refund or cancel USPS MO for 60 days. Scott agreed to wait if I agreed to let him shoot it. No problem up to here.
7/19==== Scott says he rec'd original payment today, and it is postmarked 6/4/02, he says he will "SHIP ASAP"
8/18=====One FULL MONTH after receiving this "ship asap" email, I get another email stating "will ship tomorrow"
9/8======Three weeks after receiving this "will ship tomorrow" email, and after several attempts to email him during this interim, I decide to post this on the forum publicly
9/8======Less than two hours from making the post, he emails me.
9/10=====He emails again claiming it is shipped

Those are the facts.........I have all emails and shipping info to back it up.

He was very nice to be willing to wait until the original money was "found" in the mail, I recognize this. But, when funds were finally "found" on 7/19, the item was not supposedly shipped (if indeed it was) until 9/10. That is approx. 52 days that he had my money in his possession before he sent it. Unacceptable, and that's why this method was used to "rattle the cage".

I will advise if the upper arrives tomorrow.
Thanks to all who have stayed with this.

aka captjordan

September 13, 2002, 11:56 PM
I am following this whole thing.
Sorry that this guy has jacked you around.
Sounds like some of the people I deal with when I sell things on E-bay. Keep us posted

September 14, 2002, 12:40 AM
UPDATE (and final one I'm glad to say)
I finally received the upper today, and it okay. It was a bitter-sweet victory. It should be a pleasurable experience to buy a new toy, and this certainly wasn't. I believe that everyone here on this forum knows that I would not have gone public with this dirty laundry, if I did not truly believe that I wasn't going to see my upper that was paid for and not rec'd until 55 days later. Almost all of my transactions here have been fun, this one was not. But, it ended well. And maybe this public posting will give some of you a "heads up" for a certain sale in the future, that may or may never happen.

I would like to thank the may people who lived near him, who volunteered to "investigate" or help out. I'm glad it didn't come to that.

Finally, I would like to think all of the Moderators for leaving this post. It was beneficial(crucial) in receiving my merchandise, and it will hopefully benefit the rest of you guys surfing the forum for a good deal. Thank You Sirs.

aka captjordan

that's gotta tear him up........that I refuse to sling mud(or profanities) like he.........

Byron Quick
September 21, 2002, 09:22 AM
No problem, I'm glad it was resolved.