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September 4, 2002, 08:46 PM
In the late 1980's (or thereabouts), the military picked the Mossberg 590 for it's new pump shotgun. This weapon met the requirements of MIL-S-3443E for shotguns. Evidently shotguns like the Remington 870 and Winchester Defender were not considered because they lacked an ambidextrous safety. Does anyone know what other shotguns were in the running for this contract? If the safety wasn't an issue, would (just wondering) the M590 still have been selected over the 870 or Defender?

September 6, 2002, 09:26 PM
You know in 5 years as an MP in the Army, I never saw a Mossberg in the arms room. Come to think of it, I don't think we ever had any. Not that I was in the arms room all that much.

As to your question, the military looks at things differently, mainly price. I suspect the reason why the Mossy got the contract was just that.

September 7, 2002, 08:29 PM
I have a 590 and I'm definitely happy with it. It's pretty solid. Granted, the quality isn't exactly tip-top, but it works great especially with slugs.

September 7, 2002, 09:10 PM
I don't know what part of the military supposedly went with the Mossberg, but it wasn't the Marines in that time frame. I was in from 89-94 a did my share of guard duty on a post and as Cpl/Sgt of the Guard. We had Winchester 1300s and Remington 870s at 29 Palms and at Camp Schwab on Okinawa. The only Mossbergs I ever saw on base were the ones on sale in the MCX.

September 7, 2002, 10:58 PM
I just finished MP school for the marines and we were the last class to use mossy's. We would have got the new ones, M1014, i think, but someone was too lazy/busy to clean them and prep them too shoot.

September 10, 2002, 01:45 PM
Just got back from Hawaii.

At the airports, the Guard Units stationed there were all carrying SGs with top-folding PG stocks. No M16 rifles at all.

Perhaps the Mossies all went to Hawaii? -I'd go there to retire.