View Full Version : Win. M70 Super Grade Featherweight...

September 4, 2002, 09:33 AM
Hopefully there are a few informed Winchester Model 70 collectors here...
I have a M70, cal. 270, serial number 446xx that has a Super Grade floorplate, stock and swivels.

The barrel is featherweight configuration with the bulge at the rear sight dovetail. Bolt and follower is fully jewelled. Exterior of stock & metal is beautiful.

Now the bad news...
Some idiot in the past butchered it by mounting a Fecker target scope on it, adding a Redfield peep and glass bedding the stock...

So, what do I have? Is this truly a Super Grade Featherweight?


September 5, 2002, 02:12 AM
SN dates to 1941. Check the bottom of the bbl under the fore end. The date of assembly should be stamped there. In 270, 24" bbls were stnd, although 20" was offered (disc in 42). @ 2950 20" bbls were made in all cals offered. The Supergrade stock should have a cheedpiece, unless it was ordered w/o one. Checkering should be 20 lpi. Fore end tip and grip cap should be present. Supergrades more commonly had 7/8 in sling loops.