View Full Version : Learned a few lessons at the last 3 gun match.

September 3, 2002, 11:33 PM
Lesson #1. Load ALL of the guns you will be shooting in a stage. It was a combination rifle/pistol stage. Bank of targets, shoot them with your rifle, run about 40 yards, shoot more rifle targets from behind cover. Drop rifle, use pistol on last six targets.

I was doing really good on the rifle shooting, fast and smooth. I was calling my shots, and I knew that I wasn't going to drop many (if any points) on the rifle targets. Even the sprint was good (for a 300 pounder anyway :) ) Got to the pistol part, whoops. Empty gun. :p Flail about in surprise, waste precious seconds, reload gun, finish stage. :)

And the sad thing was, I was the SO for my squad, and the guy before me had made the same mistake! So I guess next time I'm told to load and make ready, it will be all of the guns for that stage.

Lesson #2. Don't forget you put the safety on when you have to engage targets that are only visable for a few seconds.

3 strings of fire on a mover. The mover passed behind multiple no shoots, so your shots had to be timed. This was a rifle stage. Par time, need 18 shots on the target. Distance increases for each string. First pass, blaze away, bunch of hits, mostly A zone. Second pass, bunch more hits, still in the A. At this point, I'm ahead of the game for my 18 hits, thinking to myself. "Wow, I'm going to shread this target, and win this stage! 0 points down, here I come!" :p

Moved back, put safety on. Mover started. Front sight acquired, leading, huh? Oh crap, safety on, BANG BANG target gone.

The weird thing is that I ALWAYS put the safety on when I move. And I always take it off as I shoulder the gun. But for some reason I must have played a mental trick on myself. Oh well. Lesson learned. Plus I hit the target enough in the first two strings that I still finished about average.

Lesson #3: Having a bunch of 3 gun gear on you belt WILL pull your pants off. :) One stage required the use of all 3 guns, and 75 yards (yikes!) of movement. I'm willing to bet that the guy who designed this stage ran track and field or something.

I shoot the rifle part pretty good, decide that I'm going to haul serious butt to the shotgun area, so I sprint the 75 yards, full tilt boogie. On my belt are 2 20 round FAL mags, about a dozen shotgun shells, 5 loaded 1911 mags, my holster, and pistol.

I had to yank my pants up before I could shoot the shotgun part, I guess I gave quite the show to the guy with the timer. :) Note to self, when you lose a little weight, remember to poke extra holes in the belt.

Great match. Challenging stages, lots of good folks. Denny was there but we didn't get to shoot in the same squad. Our other Utah TFLers were all AWOL. Oh well, we will have a TFL squad in the next Utah 3 gun in November.

Denny Hansen
September 3, 2002, 11:50 PM
Lesson #4. Murphy is alive and well and made the 1,460 mile round trip with me. Remembered everything but .45 ammo. Bought some reloads in Vegas and they were so bad I didn't get through an entire magazine without a malfunction. Moving on to the rifle, I started having malfunctions in my AR--broken extractor spring.

On the bright side, all the shooters were a pleasure to be around and treated this outsider like one of their own. Thanks guys.


Andrew Wyatt
September 5, 2002, 12:12 AM
I have a problem remembering to pump my shotgun, since i'm a rifle and pistol shooter foremost.

*bang* *long pause* *realization that i need to pump* *bang* *repeat*

September 5, 2002, 04:24 PM
Even funnier Andrew is to watch guys like me out there trying to pump their semi auto rifles. :p

Rob Pincus
September 6, 2002, 08:59 AM
I really ought to practice at least a little before this big match at the end of the month, huh?:(

September 6, 2002, 10:19 AM
Rob, it might help. :)

Actually Denny was giving me some hints (that he wanted me to pass on to the rest of our team) to help out for the big match, like disregard the front sight, it don't really matter anyway, spary and pray is a good thing, and don't worry about trigger control, you know that kind of thing. I think that he really wants to help us excell in the big match. :p

Jamie Young
September 7, 2002, 12:52 AM
Don't forget you put the safety on when you have to engage targets that are only visable for a few seconds.

I learned that playing paint ball. :o

Denny Hansen
September 7, 2002, 10:46 PM
Went to a 3-gun practice with the Arizona Ranger team today. Bunch of great guys, knowledgeable, good shooters. God, it was a nice change to have my guns run good and post some decent times.

September 8, 2002, 12:27 AM
Got the scores. Despite being an idiot I managed to come in 6th. Not bad. Not as good as I hoped, but still not bad.

Denny, did you beat your money out of the guy that sold you that crappy ammo? :p

September 9, 2002, 09:49 AM
Denny, just realized through my dinking around with the match results put into a spreadsheet (what can I say, I'm an accountanting geek). You were the most accurate person there. Dropped the least number of points overall, and you were the only person to clear the runner at 0 points down.

So despite having to clear your gun every 5 shots, that was still pretty good shooting. Way to keep your head in the game.

Andrew Wyatt
September 9, 2002, 05:57 PM
hey, maybe having unreliable ammo is a good idea. you'll be concentrating on making your hits then. :D

Denny Hansen
September 10, 2002, 10:20 AM
Thanks for the info, Larry. I must have gotten lucky.
My Oly Arms AR is sicker than I thought. Found a small pin hole in the gas tube, checked the headspace and it's out a bit, ejector spring also weak. 12 years and around 80,000 rounds it's decided to give up the ghost. Nobody makes things to last anymore:D I have a new M4 upper on order. Hope it makes the trip by Sept 23.

I still have some of that crappy ammo left--have not gotten around to pulling the bullets yet. I'd be glad to bring it for you to use at the S.W.A.T. WC-3 Gun:eek:


September 10, 2002, 11:03 AM
Wow Denny, that is really... uhm...generous of you to share that ammo with Andrew.


September 10, 2002, 10:52 PM
The thought of you starting to lose your pants is not pretty. Funny, but not pretty.