View Full Version : Trouble Chambering 3 ½” Winchesters

August 31, 2002, 11:48 AM
You know, it is very odd.... I can chamber Federal 3 ½” loads just fine all the time, and without any problems... I can also chamber Remington 3 ½” loads fine without any jamming for most of the time. However, for the life of me I can not get Winchester 3 ½” shells to chamber my gun, whatsoever!! When I go to chamber one, the round is only 1/4 extracted and it just sits there, jammed in that position.

I have tried several things, none of which seem to work. I bought the extra strength stainless steel Scattergun spring figuring the extra strength would help me chamber the rounds. Well, the spring helps me clear the jam easier, all I have to do is flick the 1/4 ejected shell and it un-jams and chambers in whereas before I had to really fight with the shell. Still, I can't for the life of my figure out why this 3 ½” shell won't chamber when all the others do? Looking the three types of shells over I don't see what would be the problem with the Winchesters...

It could have something to do with the trigger guard, which is not an 870 express trigger guard, but that of an 870 police magnum!! I had Hans switch the two because I wanted a metal trigger guard (and trigger) on my gun. Yet if that is the problem, then why doesn't it effect the other shells?

Sure I could stop using the 3 ½” Winchester, however I am fond of their shells and have a fair amount already. There must be a technical problem, which can be fixed to correct the situation, there must!


Through further experimenting/playing around I have discovered that when I open the chamber, push the loading port up, and load the Winchester 3 ½” rounds into the mag tube while the bolt is open and the loading port is stuck up in the chamber. Then close the bolt and go to chamber a round, the rounds will now chamber! That is most peculiar, why would the rounds only chamber when loaded in this peticular method? Does loading in this method increase spring strength or something? If I load the rounds in the tube, and push the port up and let it fall back on the closed chamber the rounds will now load as well! Could the head of the round be getting caught on the port loader?

Dave McC
September 1, 2002, 04:30 PM
I'll let DML or Hadaway explain the mechanics, I'm no smith.

But, I've had some shotguns in the past that were incompatible with a certain load, and be 100% glitch free with all others.

The easy fix is, of course, just use the ammo that works fine.