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August 29, 2002, 11:05 PM

Billings Premium Buckshot

The Billings, by CHOKE, PRECISION rounds (RED in color) are uniquely designed to deliver a one hole penetration from 50 yards and then open into a controlled buckshot charge after defeating typically encountered obstructions such as auto windshields.
It has rifle like accuracy and generates less recoil while delivering more energy due to a unique wad design. This characteristic lessens the likelihood of over penetration commonly associated with conventionally available "slugs." Operating pressure for the pump round is less than 6000 psi. Operating pressure for the semi-auto round is less than 8000 psi. The Billings BUCKSHOT round (BLUE in color) is a premium performing ammunition generating substantially smaller patterns in law enforcement issue open choked shotguns. The Billings BUCKSHOT typically outperforms the other manufacturers by significant margins, usually by fifty percent. Green is environmentally non-toxic buckshot designed for outdoor ranges having soft targets and soft backstops. Body Armor and eye protection are encouraged when using this product.

The Hammer, a new entry round that cycles the Benelli Semi-auto reliably, is also available.

The ammunition designed for the PUMP generates less recoil than the SEMI-AUTOMATIC round and is especially kind to recoil sensitive individuals. Secondary target acquisition is also faster.

An example of the new precision round especially designed for entry work and applications where concerns of over penetration are warranted. Functioning the Benelli reliably, this round functions like a slug, traveling in its special wad UNTIL it strikes, then delivers all its energy within the target. The water jug absorbs one ounce of lead at 1300 f/s. The target directly behind the target is not struck... An awesome performance!!

August 30, 2002, 12:45 PM
Well, my buddy spent some time working up a few "loads" useing ball bearings. Here they are: (if the table doesn't fit I'll attatch it)

Steel Shot, large size load development Steel Shot, large size load development

.410ga, 3” shell
name load wt, steel wt and velocity, lead chrono results
0000 Steel Buck 4x.375 pellets 107gr [email protected] 1200fps

20ga, 2.75” shell
name load wt, steel wt and velocity, lead chrono results
3 Steel Buck 15x.25 pellets 119gr [email protected] 1300-1400 fps
Devel Sabot 1x .50/.45 saboted Devel slug 175gr [email protected] 1300-1400 fps

12ga, 2.75” shell
name load wt, steel wt and velocity, lead chrono results
Steel Slugball(1) single .719 pellet 189gr [email protected] 1600fps
00&1/2 Steel Buck(1) 6x.344 plts 125gr [email protected] 1600fps
00&1/2 Steel Buck(2) 6x.344 plts 125gr [email protected] 1145fps
1+0 Steel Buck(1) 9x.313 plts 141gr [email protected] 1600fps
1+0 Steel Buck(2) 9x.313 plts 141gr [email protected] 1145 fps
3 Steel Buck (1) 17x.25 plts 135gr [email protected] 1600fps
3 Steel Buck (2) 18x.25 plts 143gr [email protected] 1145 fps
note: (1) loaded into Winchester Upland game shells
(2) loaded into Federal Top Gun Target Load shells

Please note that no chronographing has yet been done. What is listed is the original factory velocities and load (lead) weights vs. the weight of the new steel load.
I believe he is waiting for the right barrel to use in case the steel scratches grooves into it.

August 30, 2002, 02:33 PM
Steel buckshot? I hope there are no hard surfaces nearby :eek:
That would need one seriously thick wad to protect the barrel, and I'd forget about shooting the big stuff through anything tighter than cylinder bore. I bet the patterns are great.

August 30, 2002, 05:48 PM
leads buckshot doens't bounce, does it? I have some steel pistol targets on the 15 yard line. If I shoot these with buckshot at around 5 yards away, will the shot bounce or what will it do?

September 3, 2002, 03:17 PM
Lead buckshot over a certain size (like OOOO buck for example) may bounce, but small lead pellets for the most part will splatter on the plate, with only a little bounceback. Steelshot may shatter on a face hardened plate, but is just as likely to bounce back.

Andrew Wyatt
September 4, 2002, 12:10 AM
I personally have a limit at 10 yards. I've shot armorplate at 7 (armor seems to stand up to buckshot lots better than mild steel) and I've taken some rather large fragments. (i'd advise not shootign mild steel at all, because buckshot stress relieves the plate, bending the edges forward and turning it into a parabolic lead projector.

Don't shoot Steel with slug at ranges closer than 50 yards, because when they splatter they throw an chunk of lead of about 90 grains back along their path.

September 4, 2002, 11:56 AM
Hmmm, I guess I have been taking a chance shooting steel, (or iron??) some kind of metal, hanging pistol targets with buck at 10 yards away. I would imagine, though, that at a close distance the buckshot is like a huge slug, and should break through the metal rather than bounce back.