View Full Version : 870 express synthetic 16 ga.

August 29, 2002, 09:52 PM
Always looking for something a little different, I ordered a Remington 870 express synthetic in 16ga. today. I really wanted a 16ga. wingmaster, but I cannot believe how hard they are to get. Every place I went to called their distributors, and all were backordered. So, being the impatient fool I am, with cash burning a hole in my pocket, I ordered the express synthetic instead. I really am excited to have my own "sweet 16", as my friend has a Remington model 11 in 16 ga. that is so cool. It is very old, a little rough, but that cutts compensator on the end of the barrel gives this gun a character all it's own. And it sure knocks down the dove and quail. I normally won't buy a gun sight unseen, but I already own an express synthetic in 12 ga., along with too many other scatterguns, so I am confident I will be happy when my new bird gun arrives either next tuesday or wednesday. Anyhow, I just thought I would ramble a little bit to see what you guys think of the 16ga. By the way, I think I got a good deal... 245.00 plus tax. The only problem I can foresee right now is the availability of extra choke tubes. I think I am going to have to contact Remington to get these. Thanks for listening everyone!

Pat Brophy

Dave McC
August 30, 2002, 05:26 AM
Casa McC McC has some complicated ammo logistics already, which is what's keeping me from considering a 16 gauge 870. Too bad, it's a nice shotgun.

How about a T&E when you get it? Thanks....