View Full Version : FN Police Shotgun

August 29, 2002, 01:18 PM
Anyone have any experience with the FN Police Shotgun shown at www.fnmfg.com?

Reliability? Any plastic parts or all steel? Functioning?

They are available locally for $399. Thanks.

August 29, 2002, 04:53 PM
It is essentially a parkerized Winchester 1300 with an extended magazine tube, synthetic stock, and rifle sights.

Everythig you've ever heard or read about the 1300s will apply. A quick search will likely provide you with more than you'll need to know in order to make an informed desicion. :)

Al in Md.
August 30, 2002, 07:25 PM
I have one and I like it. However for the price I think an 870 Police model would make a better choice. The controls on the FN are probably more intuitive for a newby but once a serious shootgun is purchased one should not stay a newby to long. I did notice that when shooting the FN and applying racking pressure to the forearm the FN the cycling was very fast. This is due to the rotary action of the bolt. When trying it with the 870 I have to relax the rearward racking pressure on the forearm then rack the next round in. This is mostly noticed when dry firing. However when I fire full power rounds in the 870 the recoil relaxes the racking pressure and allows fast cycling. Overall the FN alum. recvr. is a little lighter and will kick harder. I fired some 3 in. mag slugs in mine and the kick was painful. It was painful in the 870 also but not as bad. Try the Remmy L.E. website for the different 870 Police models. Currently my FN is in standby for H.D. use next to my bed. Al in Md