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Ken J. Good
August 28, 2002, 07:29 PM
Physical Conflict Resolution (PCR) 3-Day Operators Course
Offered by Strategos International
Course Instructor: Ken J. Good – Former Navy SEAL
See: http://www.strategosintl.com/courses_pcr.html

Late notice - have additional openings: Sept 4-6th, 2002

Federal Funded – Tuition Free to you + Per Diem

Classes are open to all law enforcement agencies in United States. Per diem and lodging applies to all officers outside a 50 mile radius of Sioux City, IA attending the training. Travel expenses will not be reimbursed by the Regional Training Center (RTC).

Officers will need to make their own lodging reservations and reference the RTC and the class. Rooms are then billed directly to the RTC. RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE AT THE DESIGNATED MOTEL FOR THAT CLASS. IF NOT, THE RTC IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYMENT. Also, if you cancel from the class, be sure to cancel your lodging reservations. If not, you/ your agency will be responsible for payment.

The RTC will provide a continental breakfast and catered lunch on site. If you live 50 miles or farther from Sioux City, you will be allowed $17 per day for your evening meal. If you come in the night before the class, you will be allowed $17 for that evening meal. Also, if you live 200* miles or farther from Sioux City the RTC will allow $17 for your evening meal on the last day of the class. A check for this amount will be given to you on the last day of the class. No other allowances will be made. (*air miles)

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