View Full Version : Benchmade & Pocket Clip Screws

August 27, 2002, 07:14 AM
I've got a Benchmade Mel Pardue Model 350 that I've had for a coupe years and the pocket clip screws have never wanted to stay in place. The instruction booklet warns against using locktight on the screws but I'm wondering if this is a real problem? or will it interact with the polymer frame?

Any ideas?

August 27, 2002, 07:20 AM
Locktite won't bond to polymer... it works on an anaerobic bond between 2 pieces of METAL...

you MIGHT remove the screws, mix up a small batch of JB weld, fill the holes with a SMALL dab, and re-install the screws... then give it 24 hours or so before you manipulate the clip at all... that OUGHTTA bond them in there...

August 27, 2002, 09:03 AM
I had problems with the screws on my AFCK. Locktite solved the problem.

August 27, 2002, 07:14 PM
My Benchmade Ascent has metal inserts that the clip screws into.
Loc-Tite sovled the problem for me as well.

Jeff White
August 27, 2002, 07:51 PM
I had a CQC-7 for several years that had the same problem. An e-mail to Benchmade got me two extra screws. I loctited them in and it fixed the problem for a few years. Recently they worked loose again and I lost the knife in while helping a friend burn a brush pile. He found the knife in the ashes the next day. Intact, but missing a screw. The handle had delaminated and turned white. I'm still debating if I should send it back to Benchmade or just forget it.


August 30, 2002, 03:11 PM
My Kershaw Boa has got the same problem. I think I'll try some loc-tite. I'd completely forgotten about that option.