View Full Version : 870 questions?

August 20, 2002, 03:19 PM
I picked up a Rem. 870 HD about 4 years ago, before I really knew much about guns. I've since gotten a lot better with it, and picked up a Glock 21. However, I'm still really ignorant of rifles, etc...especially shotguns. Anyway, when I got the 870 I added a 3 shot ext. tube, and it hangs about 2" past the barrel. Is this "safe"?

I was also having trouble getting the bracket that attaches to the ext. tube and barrel to stay in place. I've since added locktite and torqued it down pretty good. Haven't shot since. Any suggestions?

While filing out the notch in the tube for the extension to properly hold the extra rounds, some filings got down into the mechanics of the gun, so I shot it out with RemOil until it started coming out clean. Is this over oiling anything in there? Any tips on how to properly clean and lube the 870? Thanks guys!!!


Dave McC
August 20, 2002, 04:14 PM
A search revealed 5 threads on cleaning 870s just under my name alone, Jack. Check the Archives for more.

That overhang won't blow up your gun, but shooting will ruin the finish in short order. Get a two shot extension instead and you should be OK.

Once you have your 870 straight, shoot the thing. Not only fun, it's a very good life skill.