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August 20, 2002, 02:21 PM
Hi. After my trip to the range yesterday, I needed to clean my Mossberg. I ran the copper brush through it several times, then soaked a patch in cleaner, ran that thru, and then lubed lightly with militec.

Unfortunately, I think there is still some fouling in the barrel.

1) Could this be caused by the brand of cleaner? I read lots of people using Breakfree CLP. Does this work well???

2) How exactly do you clean your 12s?

3) Does it matter if they sit long after a range session before cleaning? (Like overnight)

4) Do you clean yours after each range session? I have so far, mainly because the 12 is for defense, and even though I only put a few (10 at most) rounds through each session, I do NOT want a dirty defense gun! You guys the same???

Oh, I'm shooting Winchester slugs (required by range) and some birdshot. (Shhhhh...don't tell!!!!)

Thank you!!!

Dave McC
August 20, 2002, 03:39 PM
First, off there's plenty of using shotguns out there that get a shot of spray cleaner inside and out about once every presidential election year. Most of them work fine. And most of them are pumps.

One long time member here mentioned cleaning an ancestral 870's receiver for the first time in a quarter century or so. Vast quantities of grunge were removed from the bolt and receiver,but the weapon had just kept on working and working.

All that aside, here's what I do, corresponding to your queries.

1,CLP, #9, SLIP 2000, B-C Scrubber etc,all work well when combined with one other ingredient, elbow grease.

2,Depending on how often the weapon is used, I usually use the steel wool/dowel/drill method on the bore, and a general wipedown of accessible parts. Every year or 1000 rounds, deep cleaning as described in the Archives. The Boresnake is a good tool for lick and promise cleaning.

3,Sooner is better.

4,Yes, unless I'm going back out with that weapon in the near future.

I like my finishes unmarred, so wipedown after each use is mandated.