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August 17, 2002, 06:55 PM
Did a search already with mixed results.

12ga/28" Benelli Nova with full, modified and Imp. cylinder chokes and only the smoothbore barrel. From the search, I get:

1. Sabot slugs=more expensive, use in rifled barrels, no harm in smoothbores?
2. Rifled (lead) slugs= cheaper, use in smoothbore
3. Modified or Imp. cylinder choke OK, shouldn't use Full

Slugs are for familiarization purposes, plus they make an easy-to-see hole at 100 yards which makes for instant gratification without having to use binoculars or a scope. I used Federal Low-Recoil last time, but am looking for something less expensive.

From the Natchez catalog, I get:
1. Brenneke KO, $1.88/box (5, 10, 1?)
2. Remington Rifled Slug, $3.01/box of 5
3. Remington Reduced Recoil Rifled slugs, $2.65/box of 5
4. Aguila minishell slugs, $6.47/box of 20
5. Winchester SuperX Rifled slugs, $2.51/box of 5
6. Federal Low Recoil Rifled, $5.00/box of 5

The range only allows ONE shell to be loaded at a time, so there should be no feeding issues from the minishells. I'm thinking one box of minis and at least four boxes of full-sized slugs...and after the people I'm taking to the range find that the shotgun WON'T rip their arms off, we'll probably do some trap afterwards (on the trap range).

August 18, 2002, 12:26 AM
instant gratification without having to use binoculars or a scope

Your eyes are better than mine. :(

If you have been shooting low-recoil slugs and are planning on moving up to full powered ones, be prepared. There is significantly more recoil out of the higher powered stuff. I have never shot the minis before, so I have no experience in that matter.

I can't really recommend one or another. All guns are different in the loads they like. Slugs are no exception, and are probably even more finniky (I know that can't be spelled correctly).

Buy a bunch and try them all out to see which works best for you.


Al Thompson
August 18, 2002, 06:49 AM
Dave and I like the KO slugs. They come 5 to a box. Several other folks have reported good results as well. They are not reduced recoil BTW.

Dave McC
August 19, 2002, 07:37 AM
A coupla things....

First, slug shooting is NOT where I'd start a newbie off.Bench work exascerbates felt recoil, or kick.

Second, Novas have a rep for hard kicking since they're on the light side. I strongly recommend using lighter loads, a wearable recoil pad, and good form until one has some experience with hard kicking gun/load combos.

Third, use the I/C or Modified tube until a slug of choice is found, then go with the other tube to see if results change. Chances are they will.

Fourth,the KOs work well in my two slug shooters. They do kick, like all full power 12 gauge slugs, but not excessively. 1 1/4 oz Rottweil Brenekkes will tear you a new one, stick to the 1 oz jobs if big hogs,Grizzly bears, velociraptors, and APCs aren't on the things to do list.

Fifth, all 12 gauge slugs are effective on deer sized game. Select one for same on accuracy, not price. As for gamer loads, then go for cheap if accuracy's acceptable.


August 19, 2002, 07:49 PM
Because I mostly have to shoot at ranges that do not allow shotshells, I must use slugs most of the time. In order to shoot a lot at one session, I've gone to Reduced Recoil slugs.

The Federal RR were fine, but expensive. The Remington Rifled Reduced Recoil Slugs are my current slugs of choice. I've blown thru maybe 500 slugs in the last couple of months and the Remingtons have performed flawlessly.

Unless your newbie friends are gorillas with tough shoulders and perfect mounts/stances, be nice to them and use Reduced Recoil stuff. Just a suggestion to preserve your friendships.

August 21, 2002, 12:26 AM
Thanks for the info guys!

Dave McC: they get to the Nova AFTER a couple rounds thru a friend's metal-buttplated Mauser K98 - the Nova (with RR slugs) has NO recoil in comparison :D A bench is the shelf that holds your ammo - no sandbags here!

Stinger: My eyes aren't naked, they're covered with new prescription glasses. :cool: Not saying that it's easy to see at 100 yards, but easier than 7.62 or 8mm.

Bruce626: slugs tend to ENSURE a perfect mount/stance after the first shot. :D Usually only (at most) 5 slugs the first time out for the new people, don't want to wear them out too quickly.

The problem I've had was from too much TV/movies of the shotgun: kills columns of bad guys, blows up cars with one shot, etc. The people I'm taking think that the recoil is going to break off their arms even though those movie guys fire them one-handed and/or from the hip (oxymoronical?).

The trap range is seperate from the rifle range, and while we're there ANYWAY, might as well get some use...

Yep, I'm gonna buy a couple boxes of each and shoot them myself to see how my mileage is gonna vary....