View Full Version : Input on Zanotti bolt together safes

August 5, 2002, 01:41 PM
Due to door, hallway and stair constraints, I am looking at getting a Zanotti bolt together gun safe and am looking to the folks on this forum for feedback. Has anyone got one and are they a real bear to put together? Are they pretty solid after being put together?

Thanks in advance for any info!!

August 8, 2002, 04:06 PM
Hi Aggie: I've had a Zannotti safe for the last 4-5 years. Excellent safes, but they're not cheap. Mine is 6 ' high, 30" wide and 24" deep. I got it with slots for 15 long guns and a bunch of shelves for handguns. The construction is substantial. Putting them together or taking apart is a cakewalk, although they tell you one man can do it, it's much easier for two. Heaviest part is the door, which goes around 100-125 lbs if I recall correctly. Parts are the top, bottom, two sides, back and door. They can be put together in very tight places. I've had mine in two different closets so far. Just moved into a new house in February, so the assembly is fresh in my mind. Nice thing is there is no concern about rollers damaging the floor when movers (or yourselves) use a hd dolly. Assembly is with 3/8 dia pins. The parts of the safe have round steel barrels that are welded into the part. As you assemble the safe, the pins are tapped (lightly with hammer) to engage the barrels and draw the parts together. From what I've seen, they're every bit as strong as the other units on the market. Also the reason I got mine was that a very good friend has several of the units and recommended them highly to me. Again, they are a little pricey, so be prepared.

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