View Full Version : mossberg ejector screw

August 3, 2002, 06:26 PM
how do you tighten this screw all I see is the ejector but no screw on top of it? this is for a mossy 500.

August 4, 2002, 12:49 AM
The mossberg 500 has one screw insiide the receiver. One tightens it by inserting a screwdriver and applying the good ole "righty titghty, lefty loosely" rule.

August 4, 2002, 11:57 AM
Just open the action, and look through the ejection port. It is probably black like the internals, so you may need some light to find it. If it was a snake...:)


August 7, 2002, 04:04 PM
if you open the action is it right in the center about 1/8th" screw? and if you are shooting the gun is the screw on the right or left side of the reciever?

August 7, 2002, 04:21 PM
if you open the action and look into the ejection port at the surface opposite the ejection port there is one screw directly across from you in the center. That means, when you are shooting the gun, the screw is on the left side of the vertical face of the receiver, centered across from the ejection port. I think it is the ONLY screw anywhere near there and maybe the only screw in the receiver.

August 7, 2002, 04:57 PM
oh so thats the one, and that one tightens the extractor? it seems tight should I torque it down?

Andrew Wyatt
August 7, 2002, 05:46 PM
don't overtighten it. since the reciever is aluminum and the screws are steel you run the risk of damaging the reciever.

if everything's tight that's supposed to be tight and everything, perhaps a call to mossberg would be in order.

they have good customer service.