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August 3, 2002, 02:52 PM
After reading a few of these posts, and seeing that you don't pamper the guns, and that you say exactly what you think about a gun. Well, that just made my mind up! :)
Hope it doensn't take all the 6-8 weeks for the first issue to come.

And, since I'm new to SWAT mag. Have you had any articles about the Neostead shotgun?
I'm expecting mine next week, and I almost can't sit still waiting to try it out.
I have an idea about the gun beeing close to ideal to use on a snowmobile for protection against polar bears. :D

Well, I'll stop here before you move my post to the shotgun section. :)

Looking forward to get the mag.

BTW: Thanks for not charging 100% of the US price to ship abroad.


Rich Lucibella
August 3, 2002, 03:37 PM
Good news and Bad news;
Good news is that we're changing Subscription Fulfillment houses, with the January issue. The new house will be mailing copies to subscribers for the current issue even if they miss the cutoff.

The bad news is that we haven't changed yet and you missed the October issue cutoff by 2 days. Labels have already gone to the printer. Your first issue subscription will be November. Due out in.....six weeks. Our apology. owever, we have invested in a major increase in distribution, beginning the October cover. Check a newsstand near you.


Denny Hansen
August 3, 2002, 06:46 PM
We ran an article on the Neostead shortly after they were introduced. At the time, there was a possibility that Mossberg may manufacture it in the U.S. Shortly thereafter, however, the Striker/Streetsweepers wer classified as Destructive Devices due to the capacity. U.S. manufacturers dropped plans for the Neostead like a hot potato. Glad to hear, though, that you are somewhere more "enlightened."