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August 2, 2002, 09:52 AM
Ok, I'm sure this is a very stupid newbie shotgun question, but what is the major difference between ported and non-ported shotguns.

I was at a gun store yesterday and a sales guy came over when he saw me looking at a used 870. He asked me if I was interested in a non-ported shotgun as he had an 835 which was very reasonably priced ($150). Knowing what porting does to a handgun, but not sure if it was the same thing with a shotgun, I asked the sales guy what was the difference.

Well, the sales guy rolled his eyes, looked at the ceiling and walked away. Didn't bother me much because his prices were higher then other stores anyway. Figure I'd piss him off though and continued to look at his stock before mentioning that his prices where higher as I walked out the door.

You know, sometimes I just don't get people. Do they figure you should know everything about everything before coming to thier store. At least there are great places like this forum for unknowing individuals, like myself, where someone can get real answers to question we don't know.


August 2, 2002, 10:32 AM
It does the same thing on a shotgun. It keeps the muzzle down and takes out a little recoil. I think it totally useless on a gun for hunting or defense. The extra noise will damage your hearing as well as anyone hunting with you. The flash in low light right through your focus is annoying and can blind you temporarily. For targets and competition it is nice. Ported guns and chokes are not allowed in my hunting circles, it simply isn't worth it to go deaf.

Just my opinion.

Oh yeah, to heck with that gunshop guy. Seems like you get highschool kids that don't know much about anything or a rude know-it-all at gunstores anymore. I pay a little more sometimes to have decent help.

August 2, 2002, 03:59 PM
Erick, your point is duly noted. I do not have experience with the Vang system in any form. My apologies.

My answer above stems from experience with common commercial porting and standard porting from the major manufacturers for use on sporting type shotguns. In regard to guns off the rack my opinion stands, but a defensive specific porting could be much better for flash and noise. Thanks for the info.

August 2, 2002, 04:03 PM
To port or not to port...

I don't care for it myself, therefore I do not do it. I guess you never know until you try one for yourself. However, I have never been on a hunt when somebody was using one. They don't go over too well in my circle I guess. To each his own.

As for the counter ninja, sounds like a real jerk. And not too much of a salesman either. A good salesman's eyes would have lit up! At least he didn't take advantage of the situation and instruct you to buy a more expensive ported model. I would NEVER spend money at any place where an employee/owner rolled their eyes at me. And I would tell everyone else I know about how you were treated.


August 2, 2002, 06:23 PM
I've fired both ported and non-ported O/U shotguns and can't tell a difference when shooting them. I can definitly tell a difference when I'm on the line with a ported barrel, though...and it's not good.

Dave McC
August 2, 2002, 08:16 PM
The biggest difference between ported and non ported shotguns is $150-300.

I doubt the reduction of recoil is noticeable. I know that some ported guns, including the 835, are much louder than even Frankenstein, with it's 21" bbl. Some aren't, tho I've little experience with VANG stuff.

My guess, one can add 4 oz to the weight of the shotgun and get the same reduction in kick, and a little work on form will do as much for muzzle lift and kick.

If one HAS to spend money on bbl mods, have the cone done. At least that'll improve patterns a bit...

August 2, 2002, 10:11 PM
"Opinions are like *** *****. Everybody has one and most of them stink." "The opinions expressed here are worth excatly what you pay for them, including mine."

Several large agencies use Vang Comped 14" barrels with ports. They claim that the ports act as a flash suppresser. What do they know? They are just cops.

August 2, 2002, 11:03 PM
Whatever else they may or may not do, ported shotgun barrels:
1. increase peripheral noise and blast and
2. sometimes send bits of hot, sharp lead frags laterally.

I prefer not to shoot skeet or sporting clays in the company of ported barrels and if somebody shows up to hunt with one, the dog and I are going a different direction.
Now a barrel of Port... That's a different matter.

August 3, 2002, 10:10 AM
I agree with Dave McC.

Not just becase his name is Dave, but I've had the same experience. I have both and I honestly cannot tell the difference in recoil, noise or flash. I'm not even sure it makes any appreciable difference in muzzle rize. Although, I have not tried the 3.5" mags yet either.

Just my 2 cents.