View Full Version : Bird's Head Vaquero for CAS?

Ed Dixon
July 29, 2002, 09:13 PM
Not into CAS yet, but keeping an eye on possible participation in the future as I consider new gun purchases. I already have a Vaquero in .45LC with 5 1/2" barrel, a Winchester Trapper in .45LC, and am considering picking up a Stoeger Coach Gun in the near future. (Okay, CAS may be a strong possibility.) What I wanted to know is if the BH Vaquero is legal in CAS, given it's 3 3/4" barrel? This is only offered in 45LC, but I just saw that the BH is now offered in .32 H&R with a 4 5/8"barrel. Any opinions on this caliber for CAS or just generally? Besides uniformity, any other advantages to holstering two 45's in competition? After this, my biggest dilemma will likely be whether to get the Stoeger in blue, nickel or matte nickel. Thanks.

Jim Watson
July 29, 2002, 09:25 PM
I am pretty sure the birdshead Ruger is ok in SASS.

The "Vaquerito" .32s are pretty popular these days.

I think common calibers are convenient but not essential. I have got the .44 Special cylinder in my SAA .44 Spl/.44 WCF combo now because I have so many 240 gr SWCs on hand that it pays to shoot it that way as much as possible and manage Specials for it and .44 WCF for the other SA and Winchester. Surely you can tell the difference between a .45 and a .32 on the rare occasion an on-the-clock reload is called for. Gonna be hard to find a .45 - .32 combination cartridge belt, though.

You really need to get on the SASS Wire and see what is going on.

Uncle Jim
SASS # 3879

July 30, 2002, 10:55 AM
I believe it is too. I have only been able to go to one shoot this year, and a guy had one there and was using it.

Big Hext
July 31, 2002, 08:27 PM
Howdy Ed,

Welcome to the fire. You really should check out the SASS web page, as suggested by Jim. If you browse the SASS page you will find the rule book. While CAS is more than SASS, most club requirements are based on SASS regs. I'm gonna shoot from the hip. Just remember to have fun. Pick what you want, shoot what you want.

I'll do my best to answer your questions, as the rule book is a dry read.
The BH Vaquero is SASS legal. While barrel length is not a legal issue, it is a shooting issue. It's tougher to aim the short barrels because of the reduced aiming radius. Check with Ruger, but I think the BH is available in a 4 5/8's barrel.

The Vaquerito in 32 H&R is SASS legal. Pistols must be in 32 caliber or larger. The only concern I would mention is that knockdowns are calibrated for the standard 38 sp. load. So you might have to heat up the load in a 32.

If you reload, then one caliber simplifies your life, unless you reload for all cartridges. I started off with all the same, but over time, have developed loads for different pistols and rifles, even with the same cartridge. With great discipline, I've kept myself to 45LC, 44mag, and 357mag. It is tough when you are tempted by new, shine things, like your Vaquerito.

As far as your shotgun finish, live a little. Don't know how sunny it is in your neck, but shiny surfaces can be blinding in bright sunlight.

One note. If you are interested in NCOWS, they do NOT allow BH grips.

Good luck,
Big Hext Finnigan