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July 28, 2002, 06:50 PM
:D Good show Zip.
Nicely done.....

I'm guessing you had Fun:cool:

If you don't mind the trip to the Star City we are shooting a Defensive Pistol match on Saturday. I think you will enjoy it. Look forward to shooting with you in the future.

Keep that Great Attitude.

:D Clyde

July 28, 2002, 08:42 PM

I had a great time, and plan to be at the shoot in Oct. Can't make it to the one in Roanoke though...

I would have to take another day off from work, wich I can't afford to do again that soon. I will be back in Oct if possible though.

Clyde and I tied the first time on the steel plates, and then he beat me by a quarter second at most! Great match! Did you make 1st in that? I can't remember, I got my brains fried today....

I am as 2 tone as my Elite 2!!!! I got sun burned, and was wearing sandels, so my feet look kinda freaky to say the least! :D And this happened through SPF 50 sun block....

Anyway, Clyde is pretty good at this! Better than me, for now. ;) :D I am looking foward to the match in Oct.

For my first match, I think I did pretty good, but I won't brag, too much! :D

I got:
3rd place in the "Open" division
3rd in the "Steel Challenge"
4th in the "Two Man"
5th in the "Gauntlet"

Clyde, post your scores! Don't leave me hanging here....
I would like to thank you for the tips as well. Sound like good advise, and I will try to practice it. Easier said than done though. ;)

Post those scores...

July 28, 2002, 08:58 PM
IF I can get a copy of the results I'll post them. Last Time I just had info on how the Roanoke Crew Finished. I totally forgot to take Pictures (darn).
Yea fate smiled upon me and won the Steel Challege. I'll be watching my back - cuz you will be move'n up quick.

Stay Cool


July 29, 2002, 07:18 AM
Congratulations on the win! I knew John placed 1st in somthing but I could not remember what...

Don't feel bad.. I was there both days, had a camera both days, and got only 1 picture taken of the range, no people..... We will all get to see that video on the net though! ;)

Take care, and see you next time.
Shoot Safe, Stay Safe.