View Full Version : Those OTHER Pictures (Responsibility)

July 25, 2002, 07:57 AM
Agree with Pax's take on the "Those Pictures," but that's another thread. Here, I want to thank Ashley Emerson for his piece on kids and responsibility. Sorry ya gotta drive 90 miles to be with your daughters, Ashley, but they will appreciate the time you spend with them.

The pics with the article are priceless. I have daughters the same age (plus a couple more). Time in the field with the kids is a top priority with me. I got into Hunter Education a couple years back to share some of this with my own and others' kids. This year three of my daughters will be taking the Hunter Ed course. Only one of them (the youngest) is really interested in hunting, but all want to learn to shoot (and are already on their way). Anyway, thanks for a great piece, and for the totally un-PC pics of kids with guns and harvested game.

Rich Lucibella
July 25, 2002, 09:08 AM
Unfortunately, I doubt Ashley will respond. He may look like a dumb, burr-headed, 6'5" Texan....but that belies the fact that he's a true Neanderthal at heart. Thus, he still thinks the computer is a TV and spends hours trying to tune into Animal Planet. Last time I saw Ashley Emerson, he had decided to ride my Harley from Bozeman, MT to Fort Worth. Thought he could do it in 2 days. 4 days later he arrived home (yesterday).....I'm told he'll now hibernate for about 6 weeks!

In any case, the piece was really a Home Run. I've told him that we'll be firing him soon, as I doubt he can top it! ;) His response is that Brand X pays higher Authors Fees. Look for him next month in Ladies Home Journal, I guess! :D