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July 22, 2002, 12:15 PM
Hello, I have Rem 1100 (DaveMc WalMart special) with about 3k rounds through it. Twice this month, while shooting trap, it failed to feed the last round. The round is out of the magazine and is just rattling around inside the receiver, pointed in the correct direction. The bolt is locked back as if the gun is out of ammo.

The only mod to the gun was the installation of the Choate +5 mag tube/spring/follower for a 9+1 capacity. Coincidentally, that is also when the feeding problem began to occur. I doubt that the modification was the cause of the feed problem, because one of the guys who shoots a 1100-LT in 20-ga also has the same problem without any mods to his shotgun.

Furthermore, this only happens when I shoot "report-tens" in very rapid succession, not doubles or triples.

Any ideas as to what could be causing this?

July 22, 2002, 12:23 PM
I've got one of those guns. Has yours rusted anywhere? My receiver got some rust on the side where I pick the gun up. I picked up a beautiful set of wood stocks for it from a stockmaker who was retiring, Jack Crawford. Nice guy.

Anyway, is you gas system clean, especially the two holes in the bottom of the barrel? And is your O-ring healthy? And are you giving the gun a solid mount against your shoulder to provide recoil for the system to operate. If I hold my gun down and fire it "from the hip" with no support, it won't always operate.


July 22, 2002, 02:38 PM
I would focus on your magazine tube spring as the culprit. This has nothing to do with the gas system of the 1100. The release of the bolt is a result of the force of the magazine spring on the rounds in the mag. This action is independent of the gas operating system and how powerful the shell was. The apparent problem is with the magazine spring as it is not ejecting the last round out of the magazine briskly enough for it to trip the bolt release. If you look at the 1100 closely the bolt locks back when there is no round in the magazine but it is not activated by the magazine follower like in a magazine fed weapon. The bolt actually locks back everytime during firing but when there are more rounds in the magazine the next round is released from the magazine just as the bolt is at its farthest rearward movement. The round comes out of the magazine propelled by the mag spring and activates the internal bolt release letting the bolt move forward activating the shell lifter and chambering the shell for firing.

What sounds like is happening in your case is the bolt is going to the rear and locking back while releasing the last shell in the magazine. Since it is the last shell, the magazine spring has the least compression and is not propelling the last round out fast enought so it has enought force to trip the bolt release.

The obvious answer it to do something about the spring. If you load a round in the magazine and slowly pull back the bolt until it trips the mag release you can see the round come out of the mag. Compare how fast it comes out when it is the last round and when it is the first round in a full mag and you will see and hear the difference.

Another option (should try first as it costs no $) is to look at the shell carrier release and check it for rough functioning which may be compounding the problem. The shell pushes a stamped metal tab off another stamped metal tab and if they are not smooth, they may be robbing the shell of some of its force. Take the trigger group out of the reciever to checks this. I would clean it up and possibly put some sort of lubrication on the release tab. This may reduce the amount of force necessary to release the catch and permit the gun to function as it should.

This may also be a factor with your friends 20 ga. 1100.

Al Thompson
July 22, 2002, 04:57 PM
Excellent post Intel6. I would think you could test that theory out by replacing the extended magazine with a regular mag cap and see what happens.