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July 18, 2002, 01:05 PM
I just got the results from my first complete match.. Anybody have any ideas on how to come up way to track my progress? This course had no PAR time...

I'm thinking about just taking the Average of all times and comparing my time to that as a start.. of should I use the Median? I doubt mode would help..

As you can tell, statistics aren't my specialty...and with only 40 people...may not be useful at all.

Hmm, just thought.. Perhaps the average time of all classified people (several were not, including my wife and I)... That might be closer to useful

Jim Watson
July 18, 2002, 03:38 PM
Well, all of those stats are readily computable on a spreadsheet, no reason not to look at all of them. Plus, after you have shot a number of matches you will learn who to watch. Compare your scores with some good steady shooters and try to gain on them.

What I do is to look at the times/scores for the individual stages. I make notes soon after the match as to my general performance and why my score was what it was. Did I execute well and my score come out not much over my raw time, and if so, was I fast or slow versus the field? Or did I drop lots of points or whole shots, did I get a procedural, did I hit an NT, did I blow a reload, did I have a gun malf, all things that add to the total?

This lets me see not only how I did, but why and what I need to work on. For example, my last match I had a failure to extract, leaving a "double feed" that had to be cleared. The gun checked ok, so that whole lot of ammo - a couple hundred more rounds -went into the practice box. A good move, it has given me practice clearing multiple malfunctions. And a lesson not to buy more of those bullets. I fumbled a Tac Load and lost time. So my next practice session I did Tac Loads at almost every reload. One stage I did particularly well at because I had been working on the moves and positions it required. Another cost me points because the targets were set horizontal - wolves as threats instead of humanoids - and I wasn't holding into the Zero. I will work on crooked targets some.

So your score, placement, and stats are just the first step. To measure skill and progress look at each stage. Look at each technique required in that stage to tell what is holding you back. Then work to improve it.

July 18, 2002, 03:55 PM
Thanks, good thoughts.. I calculated an average for each shooters classification and came up with 43.6, 59.4, 67.5, 80.0, 86.4 (Obviously from Master to Novice order ;-).

I think those numbers are probably close to par times for each classification.. Of course there was only on in master class.

I'm happy cause I manage to beat 2 people... I wasn't at the absolute bottom. I figure that's pretty good for my first match.

Oh, and in all stages were gun starts holstered, I always use a cover garment. I figure getting into the habit of brushing away a cover shirts/vest when drawing isn't going to cause a problem in the real world, getting used to not having anything covering could (I think at least).

Oh, and I'm not very worried about competing against the other folks times, just want to improve my own..

July 28, 2002, 12:00 AM
Where do you shoot at? i know of a few clubs in ohio, and have an aunt near canton. feel free to email me if you prefer ([email protected])

using other shooters is a good way to compare, to see how you are improving. how many shooters you beat, or do like i did.. pick a master and chase him down :-)... only problem is now they are getting harder and harder to find much less beat :)

you are lucky to have a master class shooter there to compare your scores with, in southern ohio there are quite a few very high ranked masters.

July 29, 2002, 08:25 AM
I'm shooting at Youngstown R&P club, and the American Range. A friend of mine who's heavily into it is trying to get us to go to a West Virginia IDPA shoot.

I just in the process of joining a club where we can practice, finally. Our current club is 100% bullseye..no place to shoot any closer than 25yds.. My wife really hates that.