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M Jager
July 14, 2002, 10:56 PM
I competed in the Iowa games again this year. The first event I shot was skeet. I was did good except for one "minor" detail. If I was on station 2-6 and the bird was coming from the low house, I wasn't going to hit it. Never did get one, still don't know what the deal was, it just one of those days I guess. Trap went slightly better but left a bit to be desired. 21 (after completely crushing the first 16, I fell apart when I dropped the 17th bird) from the 16 and 20 from the 21. Sporting went ok, 35 for my score round, nowhere near being in the medals but ok for not shooting sporting in a year. After the score round we shot a "fun" round and I broke 41. I was satisfied at the course high was 45 and 41 would have put me in third for the 17-30 class.
Slug gun was the tear jerker. In this even you shoot free standing without slings at 8X10 metal plates at 40, 60, and 80 meters. I just mounted a Leupold 2x handgun scope of the barrel of my Ithaca 37. My father has one on a rifled barrels gun (I have a smooth bore) and it shoots way better than any pump gun has a right to shoot. My venture in scoped shotguns started off very poorly. 6 inch groups at 50 yards and we won't even talk about 100 yard groups. I was also experiencing extreme P.O.I. changes. Having not brought an allan wrench along so I could remove the scope, I followed the pricipal of "you run what you brung" and escaped with a embarrassing 4 of 10. As soon as I got home I dropped the scope and shot a group in front yard just to make sure........... A four shot group of 2 inches with iron sights restored my confidence in the gun and I will get some new rings in the near future as its obvious the old ones were slipping.
On to gun failures:
The worst was when a guys O/U went off upon closing on the trap range. My buddy was shooting beside the guy when he blew a hole in the ground five feet in front of him. Buddy was kinda shook up about it and I don't blame him as made me nervous and I was 30 yards behind the line. We are not sure of the brand as the shooter, after talking to the score, took it to his car and finished the round with a borrowed gun.
Of the 3 1100's I watched 2 had hang ups. One looked to be an older gun and one was a newer gun was synthetic funiture. Of the 3 malfuntions I noticed (newer gun had 2) they all seemed to be the action catching as the 2nd round was chambered.
I also noticed one shooter having trouble with his 870. Whether it was a gun or shooter problem I am not sure. In the defense of 870's I witnessed a 47/50 shot on sporting last year with one.
Sorry for the long post, just thought I would comment on this years games.

Dave McC
July 15, 2002, 05:15 AM
Good work, Matt. You have the right idea....

Shooting a variety of games is the best way to gain/maintain proficiency.

A coupla things...

First, POI changes with slugs tell me something's coming loose. Go over the whole weapon.

Second, trap and most sporting targets get broken best with the swingthrough method. Skeet, tho I'm not claiming any expertise there, is more of a sustained lead game.

Also, since the misses were all low house, you may want to work on your stance and presentation. My wild guess, you're not allowing enough lead.

BTW, are you left handed or do you shoot that way?

All in all tho, sounds like you did well and had fun. Kudoes!

M Jager
July 15, 2002, 12:16 PM
Yeah, your right about something coming loose with the slugs. The first thing I noticed opun removing the scope was the marks where the rings were slipping. I am goin to consult with my smith as to what rings to try next.
The skeet misses were a combination of behind or underneith. It was more of me just shooting poorly due to a lack of focus (me pulling the trigger too soon)

Dave McC
July 15, 2002, 04:10 PM
You might want to post a note about those rings down on the Smithy bb, Matt. Some cognizant folks hang out there.

As for skeet, some hair of the dog that bit you is in order. Shoot more skeet....