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Aurora Tactical
July 11, 2002, 11:59 AM
Thanks to TFL Admin for allowing us to offer the following specials to TFL members. Prices include shipping & handling. Orders through this offer must be made through email via: [email protected]

Eagle Industries Shooter's Stock Pack
This pad fits over the stock of your rifle providing a much more ergonomic base for a proper cheek-weld. Excellent for Scoped ARs.
Features include adjustable tension straps for perfect fit to your rifle, zippered pouch, exposed shell holder (5 rounds) and non-slip cheek pad.
$33.00 (choice of black, OD green or woodland camo)

Electronic Ear Muffs
These muffs feature seperate left and right volume controls and automatically cut out loud noises. You won't have to remove your muffs to have a conversation at the range! Compare at retail prices over $130.00. Slim design reduces the interference with proper stock weld that was common with traditional ear muffs. Recommended for outdoor use.
$99.00 (black only, limited quantities)

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