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July 10, 2002, 12:45 PM
Well, after getting roped into this new cowboy action shooting
thing I found I needed something not current and tactical (which
of course is the only thing I got!). Picked up a couple of SAA
look-a-likes for my boy and I to share and for a rifle I just got
a Navy Arms 24" 1892 rifle. I believe it's made by Rossi but
I won't get a chance to shoot it for about a week. Has anyone
shot one of these? Got any input? This one has the Buckhorn
rear sight and the hexagonal barrel (in 24" this sucker is heavy
for a lever-gun!). Don't anticipate any recoil in the .38spl loads
I will mainly be shooting. Any input, good or bad, is appreciated.



Big Hext
July 10, 2002, 10:52 PM
Howdy amigo,

Glad to see you are going ahead with a head full of steam.

I've got a Navy Arms short rifle in 357 that was my first rifle. It's sick right now, but it didn't like the cheap short 38s. The best reliability came when I used 357 brass in cowboy loads.

If you are heading to the Tejas Caballeros shoot on the third Saturday, your son is welcome to use my boy's rifle. It is a Marlin 1894CS. Very light and easy to handle.

Hope this helps,

July 10, 2002, 11:19 PM
Big Hext,

Thanks for the input! What's ailin' your 92? We cycled a
magazine's worth of Houston Cartridge Co's 38's through
the action (in a safe direction, of course!!) and they seemed
to feed if we didn't cycle too slowly. We will be at the T.C.
shoot and I guess we'll find out. In case it don't work, we
surely appreciate the offer of your boys rifle for the match!
I think my boy will want to try this one first though; he's been
helpin' me cycle the action to smooth it out and has been
droolin' right along side of me. I was looking at a '73 at
the same time but liked the price tag on this one A-LOT more
for a starter gun. That '73 sure was nice, though...
Thanks for the pointer on the .357 cases. We'll sure try 'em
out if these don't work.



July 12, 2002, 05:43 PM
and I've been lucky in that it feeds 38's just fine, as long as I lengthen the OAL slightly on my 38 reloads. Nice fun gun!