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July 8, 2002, 05:36 PM
I've been trying to get some information on an inherited rifle. It is a full rifle break down winchester mod 94 30-30. serial number on the reciever is L037xx and it has FD stamped about a 1/4 inch under the serial #. The only barrel markings are the manufacturers new haven markings and caliber markings 30W.C.F. Included with the rifle is a leather case that holds it while broken down, and an old cleaning kit in a leather case. The bluing is pretty worn and the stock has a couple of scratches and dings, but the bore is good and the lever action smooth as silk. I would like to know the approximate year of manufacture and if it would be safe to fire modern ammunition through this rifle.

Thanks in advance for any information y'all could give me on this.

July 8, 2002, 08:35 PM
The SN doesn't list in any of the books I have. Are you sure that the L isn't a 1? If it's a 1, the SN dates to @ 1897-98. What are the exact bbl markings? Is it a round bbl? How long is the bbl (should be 24" unless special order)? What kind of sights does it have? What kind of magazine does it have - half, full, etc.? It will hold 8 in a full with a 24" bbl. What are the markings on the upper tang? Does it have a threaded hole for a peep sight? Does it have a curved buttplate? Any markings on the leather case? Take down rifles are not that common. Your best bet is to either get a letter from the Cody Firearms Museum (@ $50 or so) or find a reputable Winchester collector to look at it for you. DO NOT FIRE MODERN AMMO IN THIS WEAPON UNTIL A QUALIFIED GUNSMITH GIVES IT A CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH.

July 9, 2002, 12:33 AM
Thanks for the help, the L is most definately an L and not a 1

It has a round, not a hex bbl

The bbl is 25" (26" if you include the part that screws into the reciever) and has a blade & ramp sight with the ramp adj. for elevation with a full magazine underneath with Pat. June 6 1893 on the lever used to unscrew the magazine for takedown.

exact bbl markings are "Manufactured by the (carriage return) Winchester repeating arms co. New Haven. Conn. U.S.A" all in caps with a little dash on either side. Caliber markings are on the breech end of the bbl 30W.C.F.

Curved metal buttplate, If the tang is the metal plate that comes down along the top of the "grip" area of the stock, tang markings are "Model 1894 (carriage return) - WINCHESTER - (carriage return) PAT.AUG.21.1894"

There is a threaded hole on the tang, assuming for sight like you said.

Only markings on the takedown case are some tooling and a little (could be a stylized deer head) thing at the corners of 2 concentric rectangles.

I'll probably get a letter from Cody, I'll actually be traveling fairly close to there and haven't been in in years. It has had modern 30-30 run through it, but not by me, and I'll wait until I can get a gunsmith buddy of mine to check it out.

Thanks for your help I appreciate it. I ran the serial through
Old Guns (http://www.oldguns.net) and there little Java tool said it was 1st year of manufacture in 1894.

Again, thank you, I really appreciate it.

July 9, 2002, 09:54 PM
Let us know what the Cody folks tell you.