View Full Version : Savage 110 variant vs. Rem700 Light Tac

April 23, 1999, 09:32 PM
This is what it comes down to: My dad wants to buy a couple rifles to go hunting with, as well as "playing Hathcock" and target shooting at respectable ranges. I am doing the shopping for him.

I have my eye on the Rem700 Light Tactical which is one nice rifle (a Rem700 PSS with a 20" barrel basically).
At the shop though, I saw that Savage made their own version of this rifle. It is very similar, all but the DM.
It has the same look and finish, is a hair lighter, but overall pretty close. It is half the price, exactly!

The Savage is tempting at that price, I could put better glass on it. But, am I going to be sorry down the road?
At what point will the Savage start to fail me? IOW, how hard to I have to push the rifle before there is a noticable difference in performance? 200m? 400m? 600m?
Other variables and circumstances maybe? Longevity? Durability? etc?

(The trigger is nicer on the Rem, but snipercountry tells how to give a home trigger job on the 110, and I think even if it is not ever as good, I can deal with it)


James K
April 24, 1999, 09:36 AM
In my experience, the Savages shoot very well. Any differences are more likely to be individual rifle preferences in ammo, etc. I would probably prefer the Remington for the trigger and general "feel". I haven't seen the article on the Savage trigger, but I would be careful doing any trigger jobs on that gun; could mess things up.