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July 4, 2002, 10:30 PM
Now I haven't been shooting clays for very long, about a year, average about 1-2 rounds of skeet per week. Now I'm not amazing but through experience I've learned to hit the more difficult shots on skeet course rather consistently. But as of late, the easiest shots on the course (station 7 low house, station 1 high house), the away shots, have been the bain of my existance.

They used to dust like clockwork, no problem at all, no brainer...but I missed a one or two and then I'm so concerned about it that I miss it even more. It's not helping that my buddy laughs like crazy and exclaims each time I miss station 7 low house, "You missed the beer shot!" I think I owe him at least 6 pints of beer.

Just today, the only misses I had was on high house 1 on the double, and low house 1 on the single and the double. I know I know how to hit them, I have hit them, dozens of times...I'm probably over thinking it, the old paralysis by analysis. But it's getting a bit embarresing since I was with two newbies who were able to hit station 7 low house (under my instruction) with no trouble at all. Anybody been there? Any advice on how to get rid of the shanks?

July 4, 2002, 10:56 PM
Station 1 high is missed over the top 99.995% of the time, you need a little lead under it. Station 7 low is a spot shoot for most of us. Put the gun where it will be and as soon as you see the target hammer it. If you are shooting a field gun (i.e. cover the targets to hit them on 7 low) it is a little harder. Set up a hair low of where you would spot shoot and then cover and shoot. Station 7 is missed under 90% of the time, but it requires no lead. The misses on 7 are from "peeking" most of the time, or rushing to get the incoming target of the double. The two easiest targets of the round are my bain as well, 1 high and 7 low. I just get lazy and take them it for granted that I will hammer them.

To cure your troubles pay for a round and shoot half on station one and half on station 7, do this twice. When you are bored of smacking them the trouble should be gone. Pay attention to where you miss and have someone watch if you are not sure. We all have a tendency that will make us miss once in a while, find out what yours is and you will know what to do next time.

I hope this helps.

July 6, 2002, 01:42 AM
Thats a good idea...next time I'll spend 1/2 a round on high house 1 and the other half on low house 7. Its so frustrating not being able to shoot those gimme's reliably.

Dave McC
July 6, 2002, 04:47 AM
H has good input. A coupla things...

IMO, missing those gimmees is from either overconfidence or over intellectualizing. Just shoot the $%^&* thing. Working on those shots by staying on one post and shooting them over and over is the best approach. It's exactly how I learned to hit those hard right screamers from post 5 in trap.

Also, shoot w/o your buddy until you're grooved in again.