View Full Version : "Best" Tactical Shot Gun/Home Defense??

Florida Deputy
July 4, 2002, 10:55 AM
In your opinion...what is the "best" tactical shotgun for home defense use?

Dave McC
July 4, 2002, 11:02 AM
That's like asking what's the best wife.

Most of the good shotguns make marvelous HD/ "Serious" tools. My choice is the 870, of course, but I'd be well armed with an Ithaca, Mossie, or Winchester.

More important than the hardware is getting familiarized,developing the proper mindset and practice.

Since you're LE, why not use whatever shotgun your dept issues?...

July 4, 2002, 12:54 PM
I like my 590. I keep it loaded with 000, and have two slugs in one side of the speed feed stock, and two bean bag shells in the other side. I feel it is pretty versatile that way. I leave room for two in the tube, so if, say some drunk is being stupid, and trying to break down my door, while I sit comfortably in my recliner ( after calling 911 ) waiting for the cops, if it looks like he might get in before they get here, I can slip a bean bag in. If two bean bags at 15 feet don't change his mind, one 000 buck will. I figure if it came to that, the bean bags would really look good in court. That's a pretty deliberate attempt at a non lethal solution. And should a situation venture outside, and get a little further away, I have two slugs, which with the ghost ring sights, are pretty accurate out to at least 70 yds..

Then I also have my wifes 870 with hogue compstock. I'm not crazy about the stock, but she likes it, and has no problem shooting even 3" slugs and 3" 000 buck with it. And she is 5'2" and 120 lbs.

By the way, I only paid 50$ for the 870 :D I'll have to post that story some time.;)

Andrew Wyatt
July 4, 2002, 02:17 PM
whatever you use, be it an ithaca, 870, mossberg, or winchester, it must have a light on it.

it's only polite to see who you're shooting at.

my dad's HD gun is a defender with an 8 round butt cuff, sling and forend light.

mine is a 500 persuader with ghost ring sights, a butt cuff, a sling, and a chunk of mousepad attached to the comb so i don't have to crane my neck to see the sights.

July 4, 2002, 03:09 PM
One thats loaded with birdshot and has a light on it. :)