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July 4, 2002, 03:35 AM
Sirs and Ma'ams,
Which Mausers are K98 types?
reason I ask is that I see the 20-rd trench magazines around, and I consistently hear they will work with "any K98 mauser".
But I am kinda uninformed and I am wondering which rifles exactly ARE K98's.
Ex: is a Turkish M38? is a 24/27? others? etc.
Thanks 1,000,000 in advance,

James K
July 4, 2002, 01:27 PM
First, those "magazines" will work in any standard length Mauser 1898 action. IIRC, they are copies of the old WWI extended magazine, so they are not really detachable magazines. They have no feed lips and can't be loaded off the rifle. They substitute for the floor plate, and the follower takes the place of the regular follower. They are then loaded from the top, either singly or with stripper clips, as normal.

The K.98k (Karabiner 1898 kurz - Carbine 1898, short ) is the version of the Model 1898 Mauser which was the standard German military rifle of the WWII period. It is a short rifle (not truly a carbine) version of the Mauser 98, and is much handier and lighter than the old long rifle used by the infantry in WWI.

Its action is the standard 98 action, so it, as well as the older rifles, can use that magazine. Some "Mauser 98 actions", like the Yugoslav Model 48/48A, are too short.

They should fit the VZ-24 and the Turkish Model 38.