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Rob Pincus
March 4, 1999, 01:44 PM
I just got a call that my 10/22 Magnum was in, if the "instant" check is cooperative, I'll be shooting this afternoon. I'm going to be putting a Nikon fixed 4x on it. Stand-by for a report.....

cornered rat
March 4, 1999, 02:17 PM
Just curious...what advantages does .22 magnum have over .22lr( besides flatter trajectory at 4x the cost, same un-jacketed projectile) or .223 (similar cost, less range or impact, less penetration)? Just curious...

Rob Pincus
March 4, 1999, 09:51 PM
There is an article that explains the .22 magnum in much better detail than I can in Rifle magazine this month.

From my point of view, the .22 WMR is infinitely more pleasant to shoot than the .223. I don't consider the .223 a plinker, but the .22 WM could be.

The .22lr is an infintely better plinker than the .22 WMR, because of both the comfort and cost factors.

So, we're back to: Why the .22 WMR?

My favorite answer is "Squirrels!"... The .22 magnum is a much better squirrel gun than any .22lr. .22 mag will drop a squirrel (or similar small mammal (rabbit, hedgehog, raccoon, oppossum, skunk, etc, etc..) more reliably than the .22 at much greater ranges. The .22 mag is a very useful round for pest and varmint control. Shooting at night doesn't raise as much racket as the .223 and follow shots are much quicker, because there is virtually no kick.

I really like the round, myself. I don't think it replaces either the .22lr or the .223, but it really fills the space in between perfectly, IMHO.


Rob Pincus
March 5, 1999, 02:40 PM
this gun is a joy to shoot.

I had the crosshairs dead on at 75 yards by the end of the first magazine.

I fired about 100 rounds, two malfunctions, both "stovepipes" on the last round. I can only imagine that the slide is coming forward too fast when it does not have to strip a round from the magazine. Too bad it does not lock open.

I'm sure I'll be shooting this gun a lot.

March 5, 1999, 10:10 PM
Mine has been real finicky about which ammo it likes. Has done the best so far with Winchester Super X 40gr. FMJ as far as accuracy and limited feeding problems.

Handles Remington 40 gr. PSP, CCI Maxi Mag FMJ and Maxi Mag +V 30 gr. JHP OK. However, almost every case of Federal Classic 30 gr. JHP stayed in the barrel after firing. My friend, who is a mechanical engineer with close to 40 years experience in firearms design, thinks that the barrel may be slightly undersized and the Federal brass is not shrinking fast enough to be ejected.

Rob Pincus
March 5, 1999, 10:42 PM
I have fired both CCI Maxi Mag and the Remington 40gr.

Rob Pincus
March 7, 1999, 11:11 PM
A friend of mine brought over some samples of the Kevlar/asbestos armor plates that are used in various vehicles and structures to reinforce tham against small arms attacks.

In the past, We fired several different weapons at them, from just about every imaginable angle and all reasonable ranges. WE have fired everything from .22lrs and .25 acps up to full-house .44 mag hunting loads in handguns and .22lr up to .30-06 in rifle calibres.

Today we fired the .22 Magnum (CCI Mini-mag) at them with amazing results. The rounds cut right through the thinner of the two popular thicknesses. This was not surprising, as we have never been impressed with the thinner plates. But, we were kinda surprised when 2 out of a group of 4 (2.5 inch group) rounds got through the thicker of the two hard plates. The thicker plate has stopped full house .44 mag Soft points at less than 10 yards consistently.

Nasty round. One of us is going to buy one of the .22 Magnum NAAs just to see how much the effectiveness is reduced by being fried from a 1 in barrel instead of a rifle. (we imagine quite a bit).