View Full Version : touch up nicks in barrel??? need help!

June 27, 2002, 06:09 AM
I have a few nicks and dings down to metal on a Hakim I'd like to touch up.
I've never re-blued or anything before.
Any suggestions on touching-up these nicks with a blueing pen or some other product that will match the color well???

Thanks 1,000,000

BTW: I have searched thru the TFL threads.
Seems like 44/40 gets alot of good press for "just touch up" blue, which is waht I want to do. No dip, bake, blast, chemical hazards for this guy!

Also, I forgot to mention that there are some rust spots as well, which I wasn't going to fiddle with initially. I just covered them liberally with CLP (and some with Eezox as well-dont ask me why both, I just load the truck.)
Anyway, one product: CorrosionX For Guns came up as one to stop rust progression. Will my CLP do it just as well, or should I try the CorrosionX?
I am not inclined to remove the rust, as it is in small nooks-and-crannies all over the refinished Hakim (from Ellison's BTW), and I'd definitely do more harm trying to remove them. I just want them to not progress. So is CLP ok for that? or the CorrosionX?

Thanks again,

Dave P
June 27, 2002, 07:27 AM
Quick and dirty touch-up: try some 0000 steel wool (or a plastic pot scrubber) for the rust spots, followed by some bluing compound (Birchwood Casey?) from WalMart. Multiple coats will normally make it darker. Bluing pen would prolly work fine too.

I assume this is not a collectors piece!

June 27, 2002, 09:53 AM
Its a shooter, but I still want it to look AS COLLECTIBLE AS POSSIBLE! I mean, except for the dings (few) and small but diffuse rust patches, it is a beautiful refurbish.

I wasn't actually going to rub out the rust. I just want to know if my CLP therapy is enough to halt its progress.

'01 GSR
June 27, 2002, 11:42 AM
Brownell's Oxopho-blue. 44/40 is supposed to look slightly better, but be less durable.

Unkel Gilbey
June 27, 2002, 02:11 PM
To echo what DaveP said, go with the 0000 steel wool and rub the rust off. If you cover the rust with CLP or whatever, there's still the chance that this cancer is still working under the protection of that oil. The four aught will not hurt your blueing, it WILL bring out a luster to the metal like never before, so don't concern yourself with ruining the metal blue.

I wonder (you said this was a Hakim) isn't this type of firearm usually parkerized? I must confess some ignorance in this type, as I don't think I've even held one before. But parkerizing (if this is in fact the finish) is something different from bluing and will require different steps.

But get rid of the rust first. It IS a cancer and will cause you heartache in the future if you don't take care of it now.

Degrease the area's to be reblued thoroughly. There are some commercial cleaners that work well for me - Brake cleaner (canned spray from autoparts stores) and acetone. But Birchwood Casey sells a degreaser also.

Then spend the money and get either 44/40 or the Oxpho Blue. You will not be disappointed. Just follow the instructions!