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June 26, 2002, 11:56 PM
I ended up with a few scratches on the finish of my Colt 16" M4 AR bbl after installing a Knights FF RAS. I was wondering what product you guys would recommend for touching up these scratches and restoring that dark grey finish?

What type of finish is it BTW? It kind of looks parkerized.


June 27, 2002, 12:44 PM
If you look in the Army or Marine Corps manual they list the product that they use to refinish. Funny name I can't recall right now. Think Brownell's has it.

June 27, 2002, 02:03 PM
on mine(working guns)

i use a magic marker(sharpie)

good enough for me:)

they can't tell a difference:D


June 27, 2002, 02:09 PM
No, there is a product. Name is sompin like Lubricant, Solid Film, Stick. You can look it up the manuals are on line if you search.

June 28, 2002, 05:49 AM

June 28, 2002, 10:46 AM
From TM9-1005-319-23

If scratched or worn shiny in
spots, disassemble and re-move
all lubricant from sur-face
with dry cleaning sol-vent
(item 16, app D). Wear
rubber gloves (item 18, app
D) and use a wash pan (item
24, app D) to apply solvent.
Let parts dry thoroughly.
Roughen the surface using
abrasive cloth (item 1 3, app
D) and apply solid film lubri-cant
(item 16, app D). Allow
16 to 24 hours to dry before

Solid Film Lubricant (SFL) is the only authorized touchup for the Ml 16A2 rifle and M4/M4A1 carbines and
may be used on up to one third of the exterior finish of the weapon.

Solid film lubricant is to be used only as an exterior surface protective finish and touchup If solid film
lubricant comes in contact with recoiling parts or functional surfaces of the rifle, remove immediately
by washing with technical dichloromethane.

Do not allow solid film lubricant to flow into front sight post threaded well.

(2) M16A2 Rifle. Minor loss of finish (shiny spots, nicks, scratches) on exterior surfaces of the barrel and flash
suppressor shall not be cause for rejection of M16A2 rifles located In hands of troops at training centers Large shiny
surfaces, nicks, scratches, etc., can be restored by the use of solid film lubricant (Item 21, app D) Rifles (small arms)
missing in excess of one-third or more of the exterior finish resulting In an unprotected, light reflecting surface, are
considered candidates for overhaul The only authorized level of maintenance to phosphate finish small arms Is depot.

(81349) MIL-L-23398
16 OZ (473.18 ml) spray can

Lubricant, Solid
Film Air Drying,
For use on steel, titanium, or aluminum bearing
surfaces where moderate wear life and corrosion
protection are desired
S-749 Type II 12 oz Aerosol Can

heres the Mil spec:

Slickote M2 has been submitted for QPL listing to Mil-L-23398. Low VOC (<135 g/l), Lead & Antimony Free. Air Dry_ /Navy, NATO

and the answer to the real question:

What can i buy that meets the spec?

Sandstrom #238 Solid Film Lubricant is a lacquer-like coat-ing
containing molybdenum disulfide and corrosion inhibiting
pigments. This Air Curing material prevents corrosion, gall-ing,
seizing and fretting. It is a low-friction coating which
exhibits long wear life when operated at -320 0 F to +300 0 F
under loads exceeding 100,000 psi.

SERIES E735 and E635


Armalite sells Sandstrom number 27A for refinishing AR15 Magazines:

DFL is available from some hardware stores, but is normally hard to find._ ArmaLite sells Sandstrom DFL for $26 per 13 ounce spray bottle._ Shipping costs are considerable because a $15 HAZMAT charge applied by UPS, so it’s best to combine orders with friends to spread the cost over several canisters._ DFL has a short life-expectancy, so should be used before the posted expiration date.

SERIES E736 and E636

Sandstrom 27A Dry Film Lubricant is a lacquer-like
coating containing molybdenum disulfide and corrosion
inhibiting pigments. This Air Drying material prevents
corrosion, galling, seizing and fretting. It is a low-friction
coating which exhibits long wear life when operated at -320
0 F to +300 0 F under loads exceeding 100,000 psi. 27A
should be applied where baking with the longer wearing,
heat cured Sandstrom 9A or LC-300 is not desirable.

June 28, 2002, 10:47 AM

Do you have any experience with Perma slik? I posted the question about a dry film lubricant as an alternative and later found perma slik at Tommys (GA Precision) website. Do you know if this would work?


June 28, 2002, 10:52 AM
Thanks DZ,

Have you ever used the stuff? Any special instructions or steps required to apply it, like heating the part, etc.? Does this stuff compare to Perma slik?


June 28, 2002, 02:16 PM
some of the doods on the yahoo AR15 group have DFLed magazines
i have not yet

heres what Aramalite says:


Dry Film Lubricant, Sandstrom number 27A, black

Acetone for degreasing

Latex gloves, lint-free cloth, and newspaper or other backdrop for handling, cleaning and spraying.

First, disassemble the magazine and degrease it with acetone._ Complete removal of the old DFL isn’t needed._ What is needed is complete removal of all grease from the magazine and smoothing out the remaining DFL._ Don’t touch the cleaned surface with bare fingers after cleaning, or the new DFL will come off.

Second, spray-paint the magazine shell with DFL in a clean, dust-free area._ Shake the DFL well and frequently._ Paint the inside of the magazine first, then the outside. _A very thin layer is enough._ In fact, over-thick coatings can interfere with the fit and reliability of the magazine._ It’s easiest to spray-paint one side of the magazine first and let the magazine dry overnight._ Repeat on the other side. Degrease and spray-paint the floorplate as well._ When finished, tip the canister upside down and clear the spray tip.

Perma Slik:
Solid film coatings are applied to a variety of aircraft, weapons, vehicles, and delivery systems. Most meet tough government Mil specs for corrosion resistance. They also resist wear and act as an anti-seize agent, preventing many types of corrosion.

Application Example: Box Magazines - 30 Round Friction, Wear, Corrosion
Perma-Slik C MoS2 and graphite dispersed in a resin system with a solvent carrier

June 28, 2002, 08:15 PM
I have never used Perma-Silk, only seen it at gun shows. The AR-15 mag that was on display looked nice. It was an even, matte gray finish.