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June 26, 2002, 01:30 PM
Has anyone had any experience with Guns Etc/Sega Custom in Chandler? I am considering having a pistol and rifle built by them. How is the quality of work and prices?

June 26, 2002, 08:41 PM
I know of whom you speak. I have never heard neither good nor bad about him or his work. I would select elsewhere based on his prices and the fact that he has the personality of belly button lint.

June 26, 2002, 10:47 PM

My brother lives in Mesa and visited that shop once. He liked the work displayed but after leaving his pistol he could not get "Ron" to order the parts it needed. After weeks of not even ordering the parts he took it to another shop in the Phoenix area who did some fine work on it. If you want I will email you the shop's name that he took it to.

Hope this helps.

July 18, 2002, 12:04 AM
I visit my in-laws in Sun Lakes now & Then. I shoot at Caswell's
shooting range(Rangemaster)in Mesa. They have a world-class 'smith. He learned his trade in the service. Was a Navy Seal and a good guy. I tried a custom 1911 he was building -- neatest trigger I have pulled. They are off of Baseline. Take Slomon N. road turns left and becaomes Isabella. GREAT place, GREAT people! Phone is (480) 497-5141

Good Luck! Steve Pirosh

May 3, 2008, 11:13 PM
As far as Ron Sega's gunsmithing talents are concerned he is one the biggest hacks in Arizona. I have had four different guns worked on by him three of which I no longer own. The last one I still have or should I say my son now has. It functioned ok but the fit and finish on the gun was horrible. The sad part is I spent $2500.00 with him on this 1911 project. Beaver tail fit was the worst along with the checkering of the front strap. It looked as though a 1st grader had done it with his eyes closed. There are way too many talented gunsmiths in Arizona and this guy is not one of them. Shame on me for going to the well 4 times before I realized just how poor his workmanship was.

May 5, 2008, 03:12 PM
Holy old thread, Batman!

Well, finally learning your lesson is better than never learning at all! :)