View Full Version : Barrels from e-gunparts???

June 25, 2002, 11:15 PM
I have been searching quite some time for a 26" IC barrel for my 16 ga. model 1200. A previous thread had suggested e-gunparts.com as a source for someone else who was searching for a Mossberg barrel. I checked out the website and discovered that they are selling the Winchester 1200 barrel for only $51.:eek: What do they mean by saying the barrel is "factory proofed"? Obviously not an original Winchester barrel at that price? Has anyone here purchased a shotgun barrel through these folks and found them satisfactory? Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Al Thompson
June 26, 2002, 07:02 AM
Hondo, factory proofed means that the barrel was proof tested and is deemed safe to fire.

I have not ordered anything from those folks. If I were you, I'd be sure and use a credit card. When you get the barrel, mount it and test fire. If every thing is OK, fine. If not, you have the option of challenging the purchase by refusing to pay. Most CC companies are great about supporting you if the purchase was not what the seller represented in their ad. Check your CC agreement for details.

Even if the barrel is not Winchester made, it can still be a good barrel. Barrel making is not rocket science.

Thinking about it, I suspect that that is indeed a Winchester barrel. The 1200 is long out of production and there isn't (IMHO) much demand for spare barrels. Very possible that the price quoted is all the seller thinks they can get.