View Full Version : Help with Old Colt DA revolver.

June 25, 2002, 09:10 AM
I have an old Nickel Colt (I think) Revolver that I need help ID'ing or verifying. It's a 6" barrel, smooth walnut grips, fixed sights, with a lanyard on the butt. The butt is stamped U.S. Army Model 1901 No. 109XXX. The last 4 digits match a number on the crane, frame, and flat cylinder release latch. The patent info, etc are very faint. The base of the barrel says Colt DA 38. There is NOT a Rampant Colt on the gun. The rear left of the frame has R.A.C. on it as well as on the cylinder. The front sight is a 1/2 moon, there is a strain? screw on the grip frame, and the walnut grips have an 'H 2' stamped on them. The cylinder turns counter clockwise and has long skinny cylinder stops with an extra notch in front of them.

So, what is it? Is it a US Army 1901? Colt 1889 or 1892? New Navy Army? Did it come in Nickel origianally? Caliber, 38 Colt? Approximate value?

Thanks in advance.