View Full Version : Rifled Musket Identification

June 24, 2002, 10:20 PM
I have two original
> .58 cal muskets.
> One I have identified as an Enfield manufactured by
> Birmingham. The
> other is similar, but has a ladder sight graduated
> to 375. There are
> some proofs on the barrel, both on top and bottom,
> but nothing on the
> outside of the lock. Thirty nine inch barrel and
> brass end cap, trigger
> guard and butt plate. On top of the barrel there is
> a D on its side
> with partial circles and a star on the top and
> bottom (side ways).
> There is a three pronged crown with a P under it
> and a circle with a D
> in it. Under the barrel is an oval with a rounded
> crown and under it are
> three + enclosed in partial circles also m* a 7 an
> S a 31 and the 18A
> and a 3 and something like *E. On the ladder sight
> left side are the
> markings 100 and 150 and a a circle with a more
> rounded crown and an F
> under it on the right side the 100 and 150 are
> printed backwards.
> Inside the lock is a T and the letters F.C. a 2 and
> a sort of triangle
> with what looks like a PV in it. There are the
> characters 18 A on just
> about every part. The sling has a + with the
> letters SCH under. No
> barrel band springs, but screw through the bands
> that are threaded on
> the far side so when you loosen the screw it spreads
> the band. I
> believe that there are three grooves in the barrel.
> Can you help me or steer me to someone that might
> know.
> Thanks
> Fred