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June 24, 2002, 01:04 AM
Got an IPSC match coming up this Saturday, so I've been doing a little more research lately on what the best methods of practice are.

It was pretty simple, really. Dryfire, dryfire, dryfire. I've been practicing draw, mag change, front sight concentration, and speed for about 20 minutes every evening for the past week and a half. Every evening, religiously, on a mocked-up 8 target setup in my front yard. Of course, the general rule is to use smaller targets in practice, so I've been using bricks at 25m.

I didn't really know if it would do any good. I'd been dryfiring in my living room most evenings before this, and didn't really seem to be getting anywhere. I noticed little to no improvement in my shooting ability, and the only area I really seemed to excel at was the speed of the draw.

Well, went to the range today, and what a difference!! All A/C's, even on the harder no-shoots I set up. I was using offical IPSC targets at 25m, complete with small hit areas on the no-shoots, shooting from under and around cover, and mixed in a little 8" steel for each stage. Good gracious what a difference the new dry-fire regimin made! 2 weeks ago, I could barely get my double-taps!

Lesson learned - take the dry-fire out of the living room. Wife appreciates that more, and it's more effective. I can't wait to get this weekend by me so I can practice some walkn'shoot (don't wanna try to do too much all at once right now, just before the match...).

June 24, 2002, 10:54 AM
Most of the shooting book slike Brian Enos's or Matt Burketts really stress dry firing. It is a very good technique. Brian's website also has a bunch more. www.brianenos.com

Navy joe
July 2, 2002, 07:57 PM
It truly does. I went to the range and played with a new hammer biting gun until my hand was bleeding good, then just switched guns, thought nothing of it.

Went to a match the next morning, had a flinch that I could drive nails with, I was jerking the gun down 2-3" Took me two stages to figure this out, was 23 & 24 of 25 respectively there. Wandered off to the safe area and did a few presents and dry fires, no more than 10 cycles, slowly to get my head right. It worked

14th next stage, the classifier. 40rd field course, 9th overall running L10, not bad, not bad.