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Micheal Bonnette
January 28, 1999, 09:35 PM
I've recentlly acquired a Daewoo DR200 rifle and am running into a brick wall trying to access spare parts and owners manual.As far as the manual goes, if some one could fix me up with a copy , I would be happy.
The DR200 seems quite accurate with el-cheapo commercial ammo, but I would like to develope a tack driver hand load. So far I've had only partial success. Any one done the work already and can save me the time and effort? The twist in my particular rifle is 1 in 12". Thanks, any info. at all would be greatly appriciated. Mike

January 30, 1999, 10:49 PM
sorry to hear about the trouble. I should try to get some common spare parts one of these days. However some trials I have done with my rifle used the nostler 52gr hp.
25gr. H4895, mil case, oal 2.225 '3015 fps'
26gr ww748 55gr fmj, mil case, '2870 fps'
26.5 gr h335, mil case, '2976 fps'
24.8gr. 3031 oal 2.26
the above load grouped into 1"-2" @100yds
I had poorer accrucy with 69gr sierra's and 55gr. hornady 55gr softpoints