View Full Version : shotshell overpressure???

June 23, 2002, 11:37 PM
I need a little help with a problem I'm having with two of my single bbl. shotguns. I have an Iver Johnson Champion 12 and a kassner knockoff of the Stevens model 94. I took the Stevens out for a casual shoot and at the time had some Winchester XX 2 and 3/4 no. 4 turkey loads. When I fired the Kassnar with this load it did not eject the shell and the shell seemed to have swelled in the chamber upon firing. I had the same result with the Iver with the same load. My question is am I using too powerfull a shell in these guns and could the same results be expected with buckshot in the magnum loads as well ? If this is the case , I'll revert to using non magnum loads for buckshot and turkey. Any insight will be greatly appreciated. The shotguns are in absolute mint condition and are very clean and I have a gut feeling it's the shotshells. Thanks for your help in advance!

Dave McC
June 24, 2002, 05:14 AM
The receiver on that Champion is iron, not steel, and many of the old singles had generous tolerances in the chamber area so that the old paper cases will still chamber after getting wet.

I'd stick to light loads for both of these, save the heavy stuff for more modern and/or rugged shotguns.