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June 23, 2002, 07:56 PM
Shot my first IPSC match today, and had a blast. Great courses of fire, lots of ammo, and my front sight actually appeared in there sometimes. I have a couple of questions, tho. Before shooting, I went through the IPSC rules (14th edition from the website), as well as the FAQ's on the website. I thought I did my homework, but I still came up short in a couple of areas.

1. In the rules, and on the website, they list the divisions as Open, Standard, Modified, Production, and Revolver. (Rules Appendix E and http://www.ipsc.org/divlist.htm). At the match, they had Open, Limited, Limited-10, Production, and Revolver. Why the difference? Is there something I'm overlooking in the rules? Where can I find the breakdown of these divisions?

2. I was planning on shooting my Sig P226 (stock) in Production, since it's DA and listed for Production. I also had a mess of hi-cap mags ready to go, thinking hi-caps where OK in Production. I was about to start the first stage when an experienced (and very helpful) shooter told me I must load 10 rounds only if I shot Production. I had/have to assume he's correct, since this was my first time. However, in Appendix E, Production Division, and on the website, under "Magazine capacity restrictions" it says "No." Also, in the FAQ's on the website, it says, " The reference to magazines in Appendix E, Production Division, j) prohibits the use of extended "high capacity" and "extra capacity" magazines produced by the pistol manufacturer. " So, I'm confused as to "Magazine Capacity Restrictions." I can understand not extending from the bottom of the gun (Magazine Length Restrictions). 15 rounds in my factory Sig mags seem a no-no, but I cannot find a reference to 10 rounds anywhere in the rules. What am I missing?

I ended up shooting in Limited, as I was advised that was the only way to use full capacity in the mags. I was probably at a disadvantage in Limited with the Sig, but I can't say for sure because I don't know what guns Limited entails (see question 1.) I could have switched guns at that point to my Hi-Power, as I had a complete set of gun/holster/mags in my bag, but I was literally standing in the shoot box when this came up, and didn't really have time.

Overall, no matter how you slice it, I had a great time. Challenging stages, lots of shooting, lots of running. I was squadded with a great group, and anytime rounds go down range against a timer it's great fun.

Thanks for helping clear up my confusion.


June 23, 2002, 08:13 PM
While doing a Google search to try and answer my questions from above, I find the USPSA 14th Edition Rulebook, as opposed to the IPSC 14th Edition Rulebook. In it, I find the answer to my quandries above. Now I only have 2 minor annoyances:

1. They both say IPSC, and they're both the 14th Edition Rulebook. If you didn't know the USPSA rulebook was different, you might show up at a match and look like a dork...kinda like me.

2. They're both called "Production Class," but they have different governing edicts. What...are we all out of good names, and we have to use the same ones? Could lead to confusion...kinda like me.

Life is so much easier with the right Rulebook.


June 23, 2002, 10:27 PM
USPSA is the U.S. body of IPSC, which is International. So, the U.S. has some different rules than other countries, some of which are related to the federal law restricting magazines capacity to 10-rounds, passed in 1994.

That's why USPSA has limits that IPSC does not.

Hope this helps.

June 24, 2002, 07:25 AM
Yeah, I scoped out that difference after finding the USPSA 14th Edition rulebook vice the IPSC 14th Edition rulebook. Hopefully, others can lurk and learn from my mistake.